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3145 Mt. Pleasant st

This photo was taken by Nestum23 of the one year anniversary of the fire at 3145 Mt. Pleasant Street.  Nestum23 has captioned the photo, “One year later they want to volver…I hope they do.”

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  • Maybe they should take a hint? A low income building in the heart of MP is not being renovated. Hmmmmmm. One wonders…

    They may not be part of the ‘cosmopolitan’ city and Fenty speaks of.

  • Hello Pennywise, how are you? According to what I heard that night, Councilman Graham promised the Tenants Association that he was going to hire a lawyer whose name escapes me and I did not jot id down and take legal action against the owner of this building. He also said that he wanted to see that building rebuilt and have the same tenants there. I really hope they do, I know some of them and they have struggled this year. I hope this cosmopolitanness includes the residents of 3145.



  • Who or what is volver? And can anyone give us some numbers here? What does it cost to build a 30 unit apartment building from the ground up? Will low income rents pay for it? And what sort of private property issues are involved? Can the govt. force me to invest my own money in my own property for a less than optimal profit? And WAIT – before everyone gets all “capitalisht-pig-anti-poor” pissy – I support (and have provided) affordable housing! But can we actually require an individual property owner to rebuild to a certain standard? Why not require existing property owners to lower their rents?

  • i lived in that building, its the same the day it burnt down, oh the lies that came out of this, true colors that shone through.
    its a blight to the city, and the fact they have not rebuilt makes me want to throw the towel in on DC as they have with the building efforts and head west.
    I for sure will NEVER return to Mt Pleasant.
    Love, Paul

  • Victoriam, Volver means return in Spanish. I do not have the answers to your other questions but I believe the Winston Apartments (3145 Mt. Pleasant st) were only rent-controlled, and not all of them, I actually called to find out about apartmentes there but never got an answer….good call?


  • Some of these comments make me think that the people voicing them are not familiar with the situation, here’s a recent Post article to give you some background:

    The building is currently disruptive to pedestrian and traffic flow on Mt. Pleasant St, and its an eyesore which surely hinders efforts to fill vacant storefronts along that block. I’m fairly certain that the building was fully insured against fire so (assuming their claim has gone through, I don’t know how long that process takes) they have the money and haven’t made any effort to begin rebuilding. If anyone has more information, please share.

  • They bought it for under 9$ million, at the time of the fire it was insured for 30$ million.

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