Pho 14 – Still Not Open (Maybe Monday/Tuesday)

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I know folks were super excited about the Pho 14 preview a couple weeks ago. But I’ve been emailed some false rumors by multiple people that they will open on Sat. This is not true. I just spoke with one of the managers who told me it is likely the inspection will be held Monday morning. I have been told that I will be contacted immediately after they receive the ok. So trust me, I will make a separate post when they are open. And I’m just as excited as you guys, so keep your fingers crossed that the inspection happens Monday. Stay tuned…

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  • why is it always PHO *number*? why not PHO *alphabet letter*?

    i’d love for a PHO Q to open up in da hood…..

  • You’re torturing us with that picture!

  • Based on the excitement I’ve seen just on this blog, I figure that knowing the exact day it opens won’t help much. Seems like it’ll take at least a few weeks before any normal person will be able to just walk in and get a table there.

  • the numbers are random – 75 is common b/c that is the year of american withdrawal from vietnam (that is what my vietnamese friends have said anyway)

  • That’s not exactly “random”, now, is it?

  • Other Pho’s I’ve known use the number to designate the year the owner either moved to the US or opened the restaurant.

  • Oh I thought the 14 referred to 14th St… So the owner moved to the US in 1914? That dude is old, dude!

  • Standing by! This is almost as exciting as the Inauguration. Well, maybe not almost. I really have to get a life!!

  • Does anyone know if there is a website for this Pho joint? Or if there is a phone number for it? I know its not open yet, but I want to get their info on my speed dial so I’m prepared for some delish take out. I haven’t been able to find any info regarding them, which perhaps is because they are still not open to the public.

  • If anyone asks me to name their pho restaurant, I’m going with “L.H. Pho. O. Q.”

    Any art majors/ francophones gonna give me a high five on that? Anyone?

  • We actually got off at Columbia Heights on Saturday hoping to go there, and were disappointed to see the sign. Sushi was still good at Nori though.

  • While your waiting, the Pho Saigon (on the back side of the Verizon, next to Kanlaya) is absolutely wonderful and the two ladies who run it are as sweet as can be.

  • Argghghgh! Any update today, PoP?

    I’m convinced that by now the owners think I’m stalking them. My travels bring me by their storefront pretty much every day, and every time I look in with puppydog eyes, hoping beyond hope that they have finally opened…

  • As of 7pm today, still not open.

  • This is sad… its a very bad sign when inspections cause this much delay…. eyebrows start gettin raised.

  • OMG I went out to PHO 14, THEY ARE OPEN!!!! I Just couldn’t get seated because there was a long line extending outside on the streets…The word was their opening date is tomorrow 03/03/09? but they’re just letting some proactive hungry goers in for some taste before the real deal. My advice is if you want some pho better get there early!

  • @ Iliveinshaw and everyone else who are interested!

    Here is the address and number of the place:

    1436 Park Road NW
    Washington, D.C. 20010
    (202) 986-2327 is under major construction so stay tuned!

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