New West Indian-Caribbean Restaurant on Upshur Street


But don’t get too excited yet. This restaurant is located inside the Island Cafe club on Upshur Street east of 9th St. near Domku. In the past Island Cafe has been temporarily closed due to violence. But, I think I’m going to have to give this a try. The menu looks pretty tasty:


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  • “Most” “excessive” “use” of “quotes” “ever.”

  • I’ve always thought of giving this place a try, but I always pass on it because it looks so uninviting from the outside. Recommend getting rid of the smoked glass and installing full length french doors like a true cafe. With Domku and Bentleys, this block has a shot at something better…

  • saf

    Not only does it look uninviting, have you been by when they have the SUV blocking the alley, LOUD LOUD LOUD music blasting through the walls, crowd control tapes in front of the door and are searching and patting down everyone going in?

    Yeah, that’s why it doesn’t appeal to me.

  • By the way, what is the name of the restaurant? Island Cafe? They need more Island Cafe on the windows!!!

  • There was a homicide near my house that started as a fight at the Island Cafe. This place operates like a private club and has been associated with violence nearby for a long time. I will NEVER try it for that reason.

  • That SUV belongs to the owner, a woman, who I ran into in the alley once. I didn’t realize they even offered food. Talking to the owner of Domku one time, she noted that it was ironic that her liquor license application was opposed while Island Cafe’s renewal went unopposed, despite it’s history of disturbances.

  • Looks like a candidate for the “Blog” of “Unecessary” quotation marks!

  • I’m from Miami and grew up on oxtails. I went in there a couple weeks ago and was told that there is no food for sale.

  • so is this a no-go or what? i dont want to get shot, but i would love some curry chicken!

  • saf

    christopher – go to Teddy’s Roti, up in Shepherd Park, for all your Trini food needs.

  • thanks saf!

  • @ Chris in Eckington:

    That’s because one business gentrifies, and the other keeps it the same. Azi’s cafe on 9th and O was almost shut down when it first opened because some neighbors said she had too many tables in her cafe. Just trying to obstruct good business development because of the fear of what that spells for the dynamics in the neighborhood.

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