New Mini Park in Petworth

DSCN7338, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I was psyched to see this little park behind the new building at Georgia and Taylor. This building is the Residences at Georgia Avenue that we spoke about a couple weeks ago. The park is located on the Kansas Ave. side.


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  • Glad you preserved this moment where this greenspace isn’t entirely covered in litter. it may never be like that again.

  • While I love the idea of more parks, the intersection this sits on would in no way encourage me to want to sit there and enjoy the view of guarini auto body and the sketch of the Shell station.

  • My dear, that is not a park!

  • Prince Of Petworth

    That’s why I called it a mini park!

  • I think it is an excellent improvement, and I hope we all help to keep it clean, along with the building and its tenants.

  • saf

    Pocket park, PoP. That’s what those are called.

  • The Shell station is supposed to be redeveloped – condos are supposed to be built there eventually. There’s a lot of the neighborhood that’s not much to look at now but will be changing soon. I’m sure when they first talked about the Shell station being closed and condos being built, someone looked at the lot where the Yes Organic Market and pocket park was built and said who wants to live across from an abandoned auto dealership?

  • hey GAAve – any news on the timeframe for these condos? if it’s anyting like the 5-year safeway plan….

  • or, any timeframe on the Yes! market?

    and: it may be a minipark, but it’s nice to have the sidewalk back!

  • Great! Now kids can smoke green on green!!!!!!

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