New Gelato Shop Coming to P Street in Logan Circle

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Thanks to a reader for sending:

“So, I noticed that a new Gelato store is going into the Metropole’s empty retail space next to Lulu Lemon.

There’s now a sign up in the window though. Pintango Gelato coming soon!”

The Washington Business Journal wrote back in June:

“”It’s basically going back to the original gelato where it’s a very simple and wholesome dessert, without coloring,” [Noah] Dan said. Prices will range from $4.77 for a regular portion to about $6 for a large serving, big enough for two people, he said. All the gelato will be made in-house, using organic and locally farmed ingredients.”

Any gelato fans out there? How does it differ from regular ice cream?

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  • it differs by being completely AWESOME!

    of course, nothing can beat the prices you can get for 5 scoops on a narrow street in venice, compared to the overpriced stuff you’ll be able to get here…

  • Yummmm, rare to find done right in the U.S., but when you do, sooooooo good. Logan has been kicking butt of late …

  • Yum! Here’s hoping, like New2CH, that it’s done right, but this is def exciting news. There is such a lack of ice cream places in DC, it’s either Maggie Moos or frozen yogurt. Gelato is a step up.

    I do miss though, in Massachusetts, driving to a farm stand ice cream place, and eating ice cream from the cows in the pasture to the right…

  • Anything that helps kill off those $4 cupcake joints is aces in my book.

    Vaccaro’s has some excellent gelati. I just wish their Pennsylvania Avenue shop carried the stuff.

  • I’ll be sticking with Good Humor…

  • I always wondered what the difference is too. Maybe its more custardy than ice cream? There’s probably some egg in it.

  • saf

    According to the food dictionary at

    The Italian word for “ice cream,” gelato doesn’t contain as much air as its American counterpart and therefore has a denser texture. An Italian ice cream parlor is called a gelateria . “

  • Gelato also has many outside-of-the-box flavors, like rose petal.

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