Mount Pleasant Library Expansion Meeting

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I’ve seen lots of back and forth on some listservs discussing whether or not the Mt. Pleasant Library should be expanded at its current location (corner of 16th and Mt. Pleasant Street) or in an area in Columbia Heights. Does anyone feel strongly about the Mt. P library expansion?

From an email:

“ANC1D is sponsoring a ward-wide meeting concerning the renovation and expansion of the Mount Pleasant Library, on Tuesday, March 3rd, at 7:00 p.m., at the La Casa Community Center, 3166 Mount Pleasant Street.

There is considerable support now for the notion that the expansion of
the library should be to another site in Ward One, outside Mount
Pleasant, to better serve the whole population of Ward One.

Councilmember Jim Graham will facilitate this dialog.”

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  • No!!!! Keep it where it is! The library is one of the few good public spaces left in Mount Pleasant – and with what is on Mt Pleasant Avenue, we need to keep these things in the neighbourhood. It is such a great building – what will it be used for if the library moves over the Columbia Heights?

  • pathetic. the self appointed power tripping neighborhood nimbys will have egg on their faces once again. when i first read about and saw the rendering of the proposed library renovations I thought it was incredible. I couldn’t believe that something like this had passed and was actually going to come to fruition in MTP, where nothing ever happens. Then I told myself not to get too excited. that this must have all somehow passed under the radar of the nimbys. they will find out sooner or later and scream bloody murder for not being consulted for all their expertise in Library building and city planning. lol. sure enough that’s exactly what happened. I hope the library does move to CH. These assholes don’t deserve it. I’m young and have made a plenty nice return on my home and plan to leave soon for extended travels and rent out my home. By the time I get back I’m sure most of the old buzzard nimbys that have arrested progress for so long in MTP will have passed on and MTP will have blossomed finally

  • I agree that we need a much larger library serving Ward 1. If it can’t be done in it’s present MTP location, having it in Columbia Heights would be ideal due to the population density and lower incomes.

  • i think its absurd. people from CH can walk to MTP just as easily as people from MTP can walk to CH. add to that the library in MTP is HISTORIC. A BEAUTIFUL historic library at that. I cant imagine anything built behind Target or god know where would be the same. its also a pretty big library. the glass addition that the NIMBYs got all in a muck about didnt add much sq footage at all. Its a historic landmark. nimbys suck yes. but it should stay in its current location.

  • Its a nice building. They don’t build buildings like that anymore. It would be a shame to abandon it. Other than for civic purposes, that location has little potential to be anything other than condos.

    Moving the library to CH would serve the needs of CHers, but what about the needs of the rest of Ward 1 residents? This is the only library in the ward and it needs to serve people from Adams Morgan to Shaw. As it stands, this library is near public transportation in both north/south and east/west directions, has decent street parking and is convenient to numerous schools.

    Introducing the idea of moving the library is just opening a can of worms. Any other location is only going to put some residents at a disadvantage or have fewer location amenties like public transportation.

  • The way I read it, it’s the “expansion” that could move to Columbia Heights. Meaning, rather than expand this location, keep it where it is, as is, but build an “expansion” to the library elsewhere. Am I misinterpreting?

  • Just wanted to point out that while Ward 1 is indeed served by a single library, the Petworth branch lies just five blocks north of the ward boundary, and the Waltha T. Daniel interim branch lies just a few blocks south of the ward boundary. And if you live in the western part of the ward, across the park, the Cleveland Park branch is also just a few blocks away.

  • all this amounts to is Political and Nimby grandstanding. and what it means for us residents is that nothing will happen for years. so Graham and the Nimbys can give each other a big high five at this point.

  • The design for the renovation of the Mt Pleasant library included an expansion – something that looks like a giant ice cube attached to the back of the building.

    This plan was rejected by the Fine Arts Commission – their report detailed a number of concerns with the design including how it fits (or doesn’t fit) with a historic building and with accessibility.

    The library would need to move temporarily during renovation but this is the first I’ve heard about a permanent move outside the neighborhood. Guess I’d better go to the meeting.

  • I think this whole conversation is confused. I think MPinDC is right. This is not about whether to move the MtP library to CH. It’s about whether to expand the current library where it is, or build the “expansion” somewhere else, keeping the original library where it is. I for one would rather see the expansion go up in CH (which CH needs anyway) than see the city trash the historical nature of the current building.

  • adding a modern glass addition to a historical building does not in anyway trash it. you people are LAME.

  • I live in CH and use the Petworth Library:)

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