Least Inspired Headline Evah?

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Though I suppose “THURSDAY!” is slightly more exciting than “MONDAY!”…

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  • 1. It’s the new Washington Thursday! newspaper. Only publishes once a week. Or…

    2. They’re REALLY excited about Jimmy Fallon taking over “Late Night.”

  • The Examiner is such a pathetic newspaper. I’m grateful that Columbia heights is too poor, or too black or whatever for them to bother delivering it here, but my mother in Tenleytown gets it every day despite the fact that it goes straight in the recycling. I look at it enough to realize that, every sunday, they run a front-page feature on some right wing hack. A couple sunday’s ago, it was a feature on the head of AEI. There was no mention of the fact that AEI is the intellectual leaders of the neocons, the folks who led the government for the last 8 years and ran the country into the ground. No mention! Journalists call articles like that “blowjobs.” And that’s basically what the Examiner is – AP stories and blowjobs for right wingers.

  • Perhaps if they had the word “Thursday” x3 with pictures of a monster truck rolling over a line of cars…

  • Gotta love a wingnut newspaper run by the Moonies. I like to look at who has the Examiner on the metro and wonder what went wrong in their lives.

  • @Odentex, the Examiner is run by Anshutz’s Clarity Media. The Times is the Moonies’ paper.

  • 2.0: Gotta love a wingnut newspaper run by a lunatic who believes that Jesus rode on dinosaurs. I like to look at who has the Examiner on the metro and wonder what went wrong in their lives.

  • Ha! Nice recovery.

    Binklesworth, those were my thoughts exactly… “Thursday, Thursday, Thursday! Monster truck rally! Big Huge Local Arena! Tickets5dollars7dollarsatthedoorgetyourticketstodaydon’tforgettogetyourticketsticketsticketstickets! THURRRRSSSSDAYYYYYYYY!” (yes i just said that out loud while i typed it, and damnit it was fun.)

  • The Examiner local crime coverage is loads better than the Post and the Wash Times.

  • right-wing newspaper. just pass it buy. for some reason the eagle and the type font always makes me think of nazis.

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