More Photos From Inside the new Restaurant and Lounge, Policy


I posted a couple of interior shots last week but received a bunch more from their soft opening. The restaurant and lounge located at 14th and T, NW will open to the public on Thursday, March 26th starting at 5pm.

Lots more photos after the jump.







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  • menu looks good. hard to tell from the pics if this is a place I want to eat though. looks like it could be a den of tool baggery. in the way Sake on 18th is.

  • Second the high risk of douchebaggery. Also, the b-boy graffiti and tags are a bit lame. But I hope to be surprised and its an upgrade to the area.

  • It was definitely not cool that they had their valet parking set up blocking the bike lane on their opening night.

  • Well, now that blocking the bike lane is actually punishable by a fine, maybe that practice won’t continue…maybe…

  • I am sure it will continue, there doesn’t seem to be any enforcement of that sort of thing (or murder, I guess). I wait for my bus in Chinatown and a valet set up there basically takes over the bus stop and has done so for a long time now. They may just pay off the officers.

    And the place looks like something I would avoid like plague. Chandeliers and tag art? C’mon…

  • Valet parking in general is a scourge. It’s a d-bag magnet, and would be best left to Los Angeles, where at least it’s of some arguable use.

  • PoP how was the food at the soft opening? Does anyone know? I will definitely give Policy a shot, even though the mix-and-match is a bit much in that trying too hard kind of way…

  • I really love the chandeliers-while the graffiti & chandeliers is def. way to mic & match. I think that the chandelier’s really go well with that first mural. Maybe if they did more murals like the first one it would look better with the decor.

  • As a someone from the neighborhood, a valet does not make Policy feel like a neighborhood joint. It does, however, make it more accesible to people from Georgetown and the burbs (nevermind that there is Metro two blocks away). Hopefully the valet was only for the soft opening.

  • That place looks comically lame. Agree with Jen that the first mural is passable. The rest of the decor was conceived by a bunch of 30-something white geeks with cash who call their 30-something white geek friends “dawg” and “brah”. And that’s who the patrons will be. Oh, I’ll make my one required visit, since it’s just around the corner from home, but after that, I’ll leave it to the tools it’s intended for.

  • yeah, I don’t know why valet is needed at this place. I would prefer a neighborhood joint and not a Lima or K Street lounge type of place.

  • Yeah, I think their valet parking is here to stay – it was set up [in the bike lane again] Thursday night. I agree, it definitely doesn’t give off a neighborhood vibe, or very neighborly to block the bike lane like that. I guess I’ll send them an email or get WABA to bug them.

  • anc folks made them get valet in order to help with parking .. i doubt they wanted to pay more money to have a valet service ..

  • The owner of the place is actively trying to avoid douchebaggery; I have hear him say that he wants to avoid attracting the “midtown” crowd. The excitement of the opening draws douchebags out of their well-decorated caves but this place will eventually become a neighborhood joint. The owner has also been quoted as saying. “I don’t want to shove bottle service down people’s throats like midtown clubs” hence the lack of bottle minimums (which is the norm at K st. clubs and elsewhere). The place is nice and will find its niche soon enough.

  • bottle minimums?

    Is this place a club or a restaurant? I thought it was a restaurant with a bar. Why are we comparing it to “K street clubs” whatever that is?

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