Mocha Hut at 1301 U Street Closes But No Fear

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A new coffee shop to be named U Street Cafe will open in its place (hopefully around late April). I was told that this is a friendly transition. I was also told that U Street Cafe will be owned by the same folks opening up the new spot Tynan to be located next to the five guys on Irving Street (which I mentioned in yesterday’s coffee news.)

I wrote that the Tynan spot, “is going to be owned by a pair of brothers named Jim and Brian Sullivan. They intend to make it a very comfortable coffee house with the motif featuring Columbia Heights history. The goal is to open up in May.”

So all in all I’d say the news isn’t too terrible. DCist also reported on this yesterday.

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  • Sigh, what’s with Mocha Hut? I was all excited that there was going to be one on U St, one on 14th St, and one in the new building at the Petworth metro, Park Place. Now both teh U St location and 14th St location are closed – at the moment they don’t have ANY open. How can they stay in business? I love Mocha Hut and hope they are doing OK.

  • So will there be a coffee shop in the new Park Place building above the Petworth Metro???

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Anon. I would say there is a very high probability of that happening, though it’s not likely to be a Mocha Hut…

  • Cool. Don’t really care what the name is, as long as there is caffeine to be had! Thanks.

  • So, basically the brothers are copying the motif of Columbia Heights Coffee?

    Has anyone been to Sweetime yet, the new place that opened on 14th around Perry? What’s it like?

  • “So, basically the brothers are copying the motif of Columbia Heights Coffee?”

    Coffee shops around the world have been doing this for decades. CHC is no gem.

  • PoP, I’ve always heard that Mocha Hut would be in the new Park Place building at the metro – have you heard otherwise? I thought maybe they were closing the other locations to focus on the one new place.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Mocha Hut will no longer be going into the new Park Place building. This is a new development. As I mentioned above it is highly likely that another coffee spot will take its place. I’ll update with more info as it becomes available.

  • Oh man – this is sad! Mocha Hut is much loved in Petworth, and this means they are officially out of business. I wonder if they have other plans in the works?

    BTW, the word is that the new business replacing Mocha Hut on 14th St, Highlands, is really not very good. Too bad!

  • how can the new business replacing Mocha Hut on 14th St be “really not very good” when it has yet to open?

  • Highlands on 14th St has been open for some time. It seems pretty much the same as Mocha Hut to me but with a new name. I wasn’t the biggest fan of Mocha Hut though.

  • A friend of mine who used to eat at Mocha almost every day says Highland’s food is barely edible. I haven’t tried it yet – just reporting word of mouth.

  • I liked the idea of Mocha Hut but the food service was so slooooooooooooow.

  • Mocha Hut will be sorely missed on U Street, especially their banana waffles and the great mix of people who went there. The place was a neighborhood institution and I, for one, and not psyched to see what yuppified, generic coffee place will take it over. Isn’t one Adams Morgan enough?

  • I really miss Mocha Hut. I agree with bummed. There is nothing comparable in DC to their DELICIOUS waffles and home fries, and they were one of the few restaurants in DC which served breakfast all day. They also had a really good vegetarian sandwich (the name of which I forget) which included carrots, zucchini and a pesto sauce. Lastly, they had the best caramel macchiato I have ever tasted. I really liked the fact that they were an (apparently) successful Black-owned business. I wonder what happened? I am still mourning their closing, and I hope they reopen sometime in the near future.

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