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A reader caught one of the new Circulator buses on a training run at Irving and 15th. 2 new cirulator routes were announced, on the DCCirulator Web site, that they’ll be starting on Monday. Here’s a look at the routes:


You can view a bigger image here.

And Councilmember Jim Graham announces the start of the new 16th Street express bus the S9 and the new circulator routes:

“On Monday morning, new express, limited-stop bus service will start on 16th Street. The new S9 route will run during the morning and evening rush hours between Silver Spring and McPherson Square. The bus will run from 6:30 a.m. to 10 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. to 7 p.m. on weekdays.

The S9 will make only 16 stops along 16th Street to help riders get downtown and back quickly. Buses will run every 10 minutes. Regular bus service along 16th Street will continue to serve all 84 regular stops. Continues after the jump

The D.C. Government will pay for the service through the summer of 2011. I worked with Mayor Fenty to achieve funding for the new service. I will be joining Mayor Fenty at 10 a.m. at 16th and Columbia Road NW to kick off this new service.

This service is one of three new improvements to bus service impacting Ward One:

A new DC Circulator route running from Woodley Park Metro station to McPherson Square Metro station will begin operating soon. That bus will make stops in Adams Morgan, Mount Pleasant, Columbia Heights, U Street, and Logan Circle. It will connect Columbia Heights to McPherson Square by way of 14th street.

In December, Metro added the 43 bus route, which connects Mount Pleasant, Adams Morgan and Dupont Circle to downtown. The 43 Route shortens the existing 42 route by using the underpass on Connecticut Avenue at Dupont Circle. This saves 5 minutes and reduces congestion around the circle.”

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  • I was on the very 1st S9 bus this morning. It got to my stop (Sheridan St) 12 minutes late, with only 2 other people on the bus. It took 18 minutes to get to K Street, but there were never more than 5 people on the bus.

  • The Circulator stop in Adams Morgan is at 18th and Columbia. Anybody know the exact corner?

  • Is the stop for the downtown-bound Circulator outside the Starbucks or the McDonalds?

  • What no one wanted to say — they cut the 53 from going all the way to Federal Triangle. So, now it’s just the 52 that comes about every 40 minutes in the morning, ignoring the “new schedule.” The 14th street bus is cutting days off my life. If only my bike had not been stolen…I could still get around easily…

  • I took the Circulator bus from the Columbia Heights metro stop this morning which was like an enormous chauffeured car since I was the only one on it. The best part was the strange looks I got from people on the side of the road (who obviously hadn’t heard of the new service yet). The destinatino display even said “SPECIAL.” The bus picked me up at 8:10 and got me to 14th and P at 8:17… not too shabby! An 8 minute walk more to work and I was door to door in just about 20 minutes.

  • Happy about 64 route. Happy about this new circulator route. Here’s a suggestion for what could be a really cool route…

    Fort Totten/Grant Circle, Petworth, Mt. P, Cleveland Park, Woodley Park, Adams Morgan, Columbia Heights, Petworth, back to Grant Circle/Fort Totten.

  • New Routes – that would be great, there need to be more connections between the green and red lines. Sure, you can change trains or buses, but I would appreciate more buses that reflect traveling from one neighborhood “downtown” to another, rather than assuming everyone is just commuting from the burbs to an office downtown.

    I’d also be a big supporter of extending the 42 bus to keep going to Columbia Heights and then Petworth after Mt. Pleasant. That would connect Petworth/CH to Dupont Circle/Farragut North. The current route is just a relic of the old days when the center of CH had nothing but empty lots.

  • As much as I loved the 98 Bus (aka the 930 Club Express from my apartment), I have to admit that it wasn’t even remotely practical as a route. Moreover, it was never on time, which I imagine was related to its underutilization. I’m glad its being replaced with a more useful route, and I’m hoping it will actually run every 10 minutes, instead of the every 15 minutes but really every 45 that the 98 ran on.

  • S9 baby!!! I can’t remember when I was last this thrilled!!

    The stops are listed (at least) here:

  • DG: I think it stops on the Northeast corner of 18th/Adams Mill and Columbia.

  • Thanks superdude.

  • Has anyone seen the circulator stop at woodley park?

    I’m so excited to be able to take the bus from my yoga studio (unity woods) to my house in columbia heights! What is a 10 minute drive usually takes me 40 minutes via metro as i have to change lines.

  • http://www.dccirculator.com/map2009_20090327.pdf

    This is a better zoom-able map of the Circulator routes.

    I had no idea they take SmartTrip?!?! I thought they were just tourist buses – how do they fit in with the Metrobus system? Maybe I missed that lesson..

  • I’m VERY excited about the new Circulator route! And I love that it will go until 3:30 a.m. on the weekends (even though that is admittedly way past my bedtime).
    My only beef is, can they change the seat configuration on the Circulator buses so that there aren’t seats facing each other? Based on my experiences there isn’t adequate leg room for four people so either two people with large bags end of taking up the space of four people, or it makes for a rather intimate ride with the stranger across from you.

  • Hmm, I think it would have been nice if the new Circulator had gone up to the Petworth Metro as well. Maybe I’m asking for too much though — but maybe in a year when the apartments are full there will be enough demand to justify it.

  • I must reiterate my main complaint about the circulator buses. Check this for yourself –>

    The seats are slightly too high off the ground, so that your feet dangle in the air. This causes strain on the knees.

    I’m a normal sized guy. My feet shouldn’t be dangling like i’m a kid on the school bus.

  • Circulators make traveling easier… for a certain group of people. Do you notice which parts of town the circulator runs?

    HMM… and they say DC is not a racist city. Oh wait. They don’t say that.

  • Actually, if i recall correctly the Circulator buses (at least when the service was established) were geared toward TOURISTS.

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