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  • It’s something of an overlooked gem, I think. Very good seafood (and wine) at a reasonable price in a charming little space. The restaurant is owned by the widow of one of DC’s truly legendary chefs Jean-Louis Palladin (how many chefs get a thousand-word obituaries in the New York Times?) and, while chefs come and go, she ensures that quality is always very high.

    The room itself is small and feels very European to me — not in the sense of having French cigarette ads or Italian street signs on the wall, but confidently understated and a little dark and arty. The crowd is a little older and a little more sophisto than a lot of Dupont places — the kind of people who think a casual dinner is where they wear their tweed jacket rather than a suit, though I don’t think one would feel out of place in a decent shirt and clean jeans (please, can’t we all agree to give up flip-flops?).

    You should definitely check it out. Beware, though, it crowds up fast.

  • I eat there about 1x/yr.
    1. The atmosphere is a bit upscale to my liking.
    2. I don’t really like fish, but the food is very good.

  • I’ve been there once, probably in 2005 or so, and it was delicious.

  • Love this place. Tiny, but fabulous food. It’s hard to find good seafood in DC.

  • Obviously, I meant the place is tiny. Not the food. 🙂

  • Great food!! A once a year treat for me!

  • I went there several times around 7-10 years ago. Fish was perfect every time, but it wasn’t super-adventurous.

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