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Cafe Ole is located at 4000 Wisconsin Ave. (across the street from the great Filipino-Japanese Market I featured yesterday). They say they are known for having over 30 different Mezze/tapas from all over the Mediterranean. I used to hit this spot occasionally before going to the movie theater located near by but I think that movie theater closed, right? I seem to recall the food was pretty good. You can see the menu here. Any fans out there?

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  • ate there once. the food was decent but not spectacular. the service was ridiculously bad. bad to the point that all you could do was laugh. the whole table was in tears by the time we finally got the waitress’ attention she noticed i didn’t have my food yet.

    everyone else ordered hot food and i ordered a salad. my food was a good 20-30 minutes behind and the waitress was totally blase about it. i mean, no big deal, right? not like i went there to eat with my friends. i really wanted to eat AFTER they were done. (btw, we went early-ish and it was not busy at all).

    we haven’t been back, which is too bad because it’s on my way home from work and could’ve really been a spot i frequented. maybe if other people have something redeeming to say I’ll check it out again.

  • Nice little place. Not the greatest tapas, but won’ break the bank either. It also has a little patio for the warmer months.

  • I’m a fan. They cater our lunches in the physician’s lounge at work. Much improved over the old hospital catering service. I always grab the Tuscan curry chicken sandwich.

  • Been going there for over 5 years. Always get a hello wave from the manager and wait staff– who always take good care of us. Food is consistant and good, but not knock-your-socks-off. Their moroccan bbq beef salad is work stopping in for anytime.

  • Semi off-topic: I didn’t know you were exploring the Tenleytown area. I’m surprised you didn’t do a feature on Yong Studios, where I take tae kwon do!

  • I used to eat there all the time when I lived in Glover Park. I remember it having good food at reasonable prices.

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