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  • Karaoke = good, though I’d recommend making a reservation on a weekend night.

    Sushi = worst place on the block. I’d rank them Sakana, Uni, Cafe Japone.

    Of course, as soon as Sushi Taro on 17th & P opens back up, the 800 lbs gorilla of the Dupont Circle sushi universe will be back on top.

  • I’ve been going to Cafe Japone on and off w. groups of friends since 2002. I think the sushi has gotten better and the karaoke has gotten worse. They’re not as attentive to playing your songs and I think the microphones are the same ones they’ve had since its inception so you can hardly hear yourself sing. Japone only holds about 50 people so it’s really intimate, there’s no stage and you can basically sing at your table if you want which can be really fun with a large group. Reservations are a must. I’m not sure if they still have this rule but there used to be a 2 drink minimum per person. If you live in DC, Cafe Japone is something you should do at least once.

  • I’ve only been here once, and there was no karaoke. I would say the sushi was meh. Not bad, but nothing that would draw me back in again. I definitely agree about Sushi Taro though. Yum! Can’t wait for it to reopen.

  • Really fun karaoke (with surprisingly talented singers the times I’ve been). I don’t remember the food, for obvious reasons. They have a really weird subterranean “ice cave” going on downstairs. I’ve never seen anyone down there- it’s very strange.

  • kenta makes the best sushi in town……… bitches.

  • Parkwood Person has taken a few turns at the mic here and I agree with CM- the mics are (or at least were) pretty gunked up with duct tape, but as far as not being clear enough to hear your own voice, I kind of consider that a plus. Also, as I recall, their system for submitting requests was a little different, and needed a bit of explaining. Or maybe I’d had too many drinks? Oh… I think it was that they had some sort of player sitting right out on a table next to the song books and I was looking at it, not sure if I was supposed to touch the thing myself and the guy was like “don’t touch that!!” yeah- probably I’d probably had one too many drinks. Sushi was okay- I wouldn’t go there for it though.

  • Never been inside but the Sumo mural is bitchin’

  • It was THE place in college to drink without an ID (for me at least)… sake bombing and karaoke, those were the days. Can’t say I ever tried the sushi though.

  • I like the “ice cave” downstairs – and it gets pretty packed late on a Saturday night. But I haven’t been there in a couple years.

  • They’ve been around before sushi was what it has become. Used to be good, but haven’t been in a bajillion years.

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