Judging Pop Ups and Additions


Wow, I think this one came out really well. Interestingly the brick has no windows but the addition does. Can someone explain to me again why the side that is brick doesn’t have any windows? I think it is safe to say the pop ups that are recessed are the best. Plus they get a nice little deck out of the recess. I also think the wood is pretty cool as well. Do you think the wood comliments the brick? Overall, what do you think – thumbs up or down?

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  • The addition and the original house seem to be getting intimate at the moment. I think we should let them have their privacy.

  • lol.

    that is a very tasteful and well-executed addition. the wood is weathering very nicely.

  • The addition looks much better in comparison to the house — that is pretty much the most nondescript structure I’ve seen. Kudos to the owners for not only doubling their space but also making the building more interesting.

  • One reason to not have a window is they cost extra money. Another is, you wouldn’t put a window on the ground floor because a pane of glass would be the only buffer between activities in the alley and the interior of your house. But if there’s no window on the ground floor, then you wouldn’t put a window on the upper floor; it would look unbalanced.

  • I think the addition is quite a bit nicer than the original structure. The original structure was decidedly bland, bordering on ugly.

  • Is this located off off 5th and Q St down from the liquor store? It always makes me think of Nags Head. Everytime I walk by it I think when are all the surfers gonna have block party?

  • Cool! Probably the most tasteful popup I’ve seen so far. And I love the little roof deck and the tiered effect it gives to the house.

  • I’m personally not a fan of weathered wood, but I think the very smooth linear quality of the wood is a nice contrast to the rough small pattern of the brick. And I like that the popup folds itself around the original structure and embraces it, rather than merely sitting on top of it. Thumbs up.

    Perhaps the brick part didn’t have windows because there was another building there when the brick house was built. Or perhaps, as happened often in older buildings, they didn’t want dust from what was then dirt roads billowing up into the living quarters, and thus kept the windows facing areas that were set back from the dust. Or perhaps it was a safety issue.

    Although I think the brick house is a little nondescript, I think its curious that the openings are not symmetrically placed. The door and window above it are closer to the corner than the two windows on the right. Usually buildings this old are symmetrical. Makes me wonder if there was more to the structure or the property at one time.

  • Obviously they spent money on the addition, which looks beautiful, so thumbs up for that. My complaint is that the facade of the original building is so unappealing. They should consider focusing the next project on the curb appeal IMO.

  • There are a lot of houses along alleys in DC that don’t have windows on the alley side. Or sometimes they’ll have a bay or set of windowns on the second floor. I think Mark 3:56 is likely right and that’s it was a privacy/quiet thing.

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