Judging Pop Ups


This one is located at 2713 Ontario Road, NW in Adams Morgan. We once spoke about it way back in the day. But I was stunned to see that it is still for sale. So I checked out some photos on redfin and it doesn’t look bad at all inside. So my question is – can a pop up look so bad from the outside that you’ll have an extra tough time selling? Or do you simply think they are asking too much ($569,999 for a 2 bed 2 bath 2 level condo)?

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  • God yes, just look at the one on New Hampshire. Still sitting on the market…

  • I think this is fantastic looking, wow… great example of a successful city addition.

    High priced, yes… I was just looking at a (albeit small) three bedroom HOUSE for 280k just off of U Street. Real estate agents are still in Boom-Mode, so they convince sellers to up the price, but realistically this particular property’s price should be dropped 10-15%, in my opinion.

  • nice condo – not outstanding in any way except for the rooftop deck and view. This is DEFINITELY not worth $569,999. The rooms are tiny and the place is a bit sterile.

  • Half of it looks blended nice but the green half looks weird.

  • As someone who scouts condos via google real estate mpas semi-regular basis, I see a building with a price and location like this and think “sweet!”. Then I look at the economy and the housing starts/price indicies. I’m gonna guess that in three years or so, we’ll look back at a place like this going for over half a mil and laugh.

  • This pop up is atrocious….And I’m not sure what the status is now, but this was apparently so poorly constructed and there were so many problems with the condo docs that the original owners were trying to sue the developer….buyer beware on this one.

  • Buyers need to beware of this condo. There have been a number of issues throughout the building mostly on the higher level condos. The 3rd floor condo had a huge mold problem and the tenets had to move out to have it cleaned up, I think they are trying to rent it out now and don’t want to move back in. There is a problem with the roof and water getting into the windows. I believe the condo association is trying to sue the developer because there have been so many problems with such a newly renovated building.

  • great views, though!

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