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Here’s a new rowhome going up on V Street (just east of 14th). It may be too early to properly judge it but it seems to have an interesting pop up going on. Though I don’t know if you can call it a pop up since it is being built from the ground up. Anyway, do you think it’ll fit in or too early to tell?

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  • It doesn’t look promising because it’s jutting too far out and I am not fond of the white blocks on the bottom wall. I am glad they’re using brick though, and the trellis at the top could be cool.

  • I think it looks interesting, and personally wouldn’t mind if it was another floor higher. The Union Row warehouses behind these houses are much taller than these houses and remove a lot of the perceived privacy that a backyard of roofdeck would seem to give these houses. This house still won’t have any privacy in their backyard, but it could have a chance for privacy on a roofdeck (and looks like it has a front-facing balcony which gives some as well).

    I think there are still some houses for sale on this block, and I would recommend people who are in favor of the U Street hotel to go and look at them and the affect that the Union Row project has on them. I figure similiar issues will hit the 8-10 houses on Wallach Place that will similarly be behind the U Street hotel project. I support the U Street hotel project in its current proposed state (and prior proposed, frankly), but I do think that these houses help illustrate one of the complaints (tall buildings overshadowing small buildings) and it helps to be fully informed.

  • Looks like it will be a very interesting building, whether it fits in or not. Could that be a (very cool) stairway up to the roofdeck from the lower levels? If so, very clever design there — a lot of these roofdecks are accessible only through top floor bedrooms. And if the whole thing is new construction, I don’t think you can call it a pop-top: it’s not as if they’re just making Frankenstein’s monster out of a pre-existing home.

  • I too wonder if ‘pop up’ is the proper term. It looks like new construction that happens to be taller than the neighboring buildings.

    And I don’t think it looks too bad so far. Its hard to tell from the photo but it looks like it has the same setback as its neighbors, the facade has some relieve to it and isn’t just a flat wall, and the higher level is set back somewhat so as to be less imposing. It will be interesting to see how it develops but I’m not giving it a thumbs down yet.

  • considering what it’ll probably be priced at, definitely expect this to be top quality work

  • The house 2 doors down is for sale- $245k. It’s a mega-craphole, though- probably a total gut job in the future, but great location and alley in the back.

  • I saw this last weekend and am anxious to see it when it is does, as it has a ton of potential.

  • The framed box looking section on the top floor looks like an elevator shaft. Wouldn’t that be cool!! Agree with the no privacy comments . Isn’t this next to the entrance for the loading dock and underground parking? I would expect a lot of noise.

  • It’s going for $825k

    Theres a web site for the house, but I don’t remember it off hand

  • http://www.1349v.com/

    Here is the website with a sketch of the building.

  • The construction has been flying on this house. I swear it was just a giant hole in ground like 2 weeks ago.

  • Wow they sure have built that thing fast, saw a post on it just 11 days ago…


  • Yea, I have to agree that I’ve never seen a house built so fast.

  • Been following this developer and he does an amazing job. He doesn’t seem to cheap out on material and quality. He also seems to build houses as if HE was going to live in them so always thinking the best comfort and “make sense” layout and structure. eg.. water spouts in front and back house. (this new structure has a spout in the roof deck too! layouts etc. i want to buy in one of his houses. I’m jealous. I also hear that this house sold already! shoot

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