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  • Two thumbs way up! Love the brick! Will it be condos?

  • Hell, it looks BETTER than the original rendering. Def two thumbs up.

  • Yep – I like the stone (on the as built) much better than the metal as originally planned. Great looking building.

  • yeah i just stopped by there this weekend after eating at vegetate. it’s awesome. really gorgeous work.

  • I have been admiring it on my way to work recently — so they’re going to be condos? I thought the windows looked very big to be condos, though looking at the rendering it does look more residential than I thought.

  • looks a hundred times better than the rendering .. is that even possible??

  • This gorgeous project is comprised of four condominiums. My understanding is that two of the condominiums will be occupied by the developers and two will be for sale. It should be finished in 3 months or sooner.

  • he commented, then afer remembering how ugly this particular rendering was, felt compelled to re-comment that yes, obviously it is possible.

    it just usually happens the other way around: nice rendering, ugly product.

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