Judging Condo Names


This name makes me laugh because I think it is referencing the Spanish island located in the Mediterranean Sea. I’m not sure if I can conjure up a Mediterranean Shangri-La on the 900 block of Randolph (though I do love that block).

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  • Hey, I live near there!

    I wonder what’s the point of naming condos anyway? Of course there are some that are well known, like the Watergate or the Chastleton and a handful of others. But no one is going to say “Oh, I live at the Soleil” — they’re just going to give you the address.

  • I wonder if they new that Mallorca is also an Eskimo dish made with breadcrumbs, whale liver pickled green beans.

    …that isn’t true but you believed me. As a rule of thumb you should never name a dwelling place after something that sounds like it could be describing whale liver.

  • It only sounds funny if you’re illiterate.

  • one of my personal favs is “The Villaggio” in CH. the building isn’t bad, but the name alone would keep me from buying there….

  • I’ve recently had the task of naming a few buildings and it is quite the challenge. I even thought of suggesting a naming contest through PoP, but I don’t think that would have gone over real well with my clients.

  • The Hipchick.

    That was easy.

  • Hee.

    I know of one building named after a loan officer. Another (not so good) is the developer’s and his wife’s names combined.

    I have two within a few blocks of each other (both relatively small buildings). One is going for the historic neighborhood name and the other is using a number, which is currently the hip, urban thing to do.


  • I lived there for two and a half years until a few days ago, though I still live in the neighborhood. It’s a nice little condo inside. Don’t hate.

    I’m also confirming that it’s indeed named after the Spanish Island.

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