Judging Churches (Architecture Only…)


This the Metropolitan Community Church located on 5th Street a couple blocks north of M in Shaw. It’s interesting how the stone contrasts with the glass. Thumbs up or down?


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  • Hideous.

    What is that meant to be, a greenhouse?

  • That must have cost a lot of money.

  • I wouldn’t go so far as to call it hideous, but the proportions of the glass portion do remind me of a farm shed. The metal doors to what I assume are electrical rooms enhance the shed-like appearance. Its lacking the grace that I think a church should have.

    That aside, I think its nice to see that at least religious organization is strong enough to build. While not religious myself, I believe that religion plays an important part in our society and its troublesome that so many are declining and aging.

  • It looks like a public restroom with an atrium on top.

  • Clearly, MCC is a denomination that does not throw stones. I rather like the building, but this type of design would likely be problematic for more mainstream congregations (MCC is predominantly GLBT).

  • Looks like an awesome Rec. Center

  • Notre Dame it’s not, but as far as modern design goes, it’s not so bad to my eye. I’ll give it the thumbs up.

  • it looks like there should be a pool under the glass.

  • Hard to judge without going inside. With that much glass it seems like a feeling of oneness with the outdoors (or neighborhood) might be part of the worship.

  • I’d love to see what it’s like inside (maybe we should do a tour of churches! Goodness knows there’s enough little storefront Houses of God in Petworth alone.) Anyway, all the glass would certainly have symbolic meaning for a denomination like MCC, which as someone mentioned is an “open and affirming” church.

  • Do they sell hotdogs and popcorn, and have bleachers inside?

  • church bad, POP good.

  • I’ve been to several functions in this building and have to say that they have been great with all the natural light.

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