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  • Here becomes my question/concern about this building. Clearly they got a special exception to build right up to the sidewalk like that so how long before the folks who move in there start complaining about sidewalk noise and want the local officials to do something about it. I hate to be debbie downer, but I’ve seen this happen before (most famously in the Lofts behind 18th Street).

  • super cool building, but it will be super loud as well being on that section of Harvard and so close to the street.

  • Amazing soundproofing is possible these days. I looked at a condo overlooking Florida Ave a few years ago and was shocked at how quiet they made it. Not saying this place is like that, but maybe.

  • need more architecture like this. Not crazy, just well made, modern design. I don’t like the weird barricade on the sidewalk though

  • Like it, but would have liked it better if it didn’t push right up to the sidewalk.

    And if they were going to push right up to the sidewalk, they should have done something with the facade next to the adjacent building (the “right” facade, in the lower photo). That solid concrete wall is just unpleasant.

  • Same problem we blogged about before. Blocks view of the street and interrupts the street. I have no problem with it being modern. I do have a problem with it ignoring all the other surrounding buildings and their setbacks. It’s obnoxious.

  • I agree with Redhead on this one. I usually like modern, but this one is doesn’t do it for me. It looks like its turning a cold shoulder to its neighbor.

  • Ohh nice. I like it.

  • I disagree with Redhead…..if you look to the building’s right, you can see that this does not in fact interrupt the street but appears to be quite consistent with its neighbor. It does break with the building to its left, but that problem would exist with our without this building. I don’t even know what it means to say that it blocks view of the street. From where?

  • Disagree with Red on this- the problem is clearly the horrible building on the right. This building is clearly an improvement to the street. Also, quality windows and insulation make a huge difference in soundproofing. I was much more bothered by the traffic on a semi-quiet street in Petworth with horrible insulation than in my new condo near 7th and H.

  • The place that was there before had the same footprint. The rebuild doesn’t come any closer to the sidewalk than before, nor does it break up the street any differently.

    As for the design, I think it is pretty nice. They finally added shrubs and other plants between the first floor and the sidewalk, but I still wouldn’t like living within an arms reach of the sidewalk.

  • PS,

    PoP, you should swing around the back into the alley to snap a few shots of the other side. It is also pretty sweet – with huge windows and a few levels of roof decks and balconies.

  • unfortunately that building’s interiors don’t live up to the exterior…while nice “enough” many of the units have utterly useless layouts and they have been priced WAAAAY too high. the units were taken off the market after they couldn’t get the prices they were asking, which were AT LEAST 30% too high. the top units were being offered for over a million bucks each…methinks the market for $1M properties isn’t looking for a 3rd floor walkup with shared outdoor parking backing up to 1400 blk of girard…but what do i know.
    the finishes on the inside seem like some cost cutting attempts were made.
    but, i do like the outside architecture, for sure!
    (last i heard there was a chance they were looking to sell the whole building as corp. housing or something…not sure if there’s any truth to that)

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