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  • Interesting structure. It’s difficult to hate on bold experiments. but that garage is unforgivable. It tells the neighborhood that its only meaningful congress with this building will be the coming and going of cars.

    Talk about something that’s asking to be peed on. Oy.

  • I was going to say the same thing as Mark. It would have def. been thumbs up if not for that garage door. It kills the entire view of the building.

  • Agreed, they could’ve made that something super cool, but instead made the widest driveway ever.

  • Maybe if they hired someone to paint a goatse-esque mural around the garage it wouldnt’ be so bad. Anyway, this is definitely where Bond villains hang out and pet their white cats when they’re in DC.

  • My recollection is that the photographed structure was built in the mid 20th century as housing or transient rooms for retired military personnel, and then was rehabbed and converted to condos sometime in the late 1980s. Before the condo conversion, the circular building had no balconies and was quite ugly. (I strongly suspect the curb cut predates the condo conversion, but am not certain.) The conversion — which was quite high-end for the time — greatly enhanced the exterior appearance of the structure.

  • very cool building and I don’t mind the driveway/garage. All very Art Deco-ish.

  • Thumbs way up, and they do probably have to/want to park somewhere, so the carage is a minor blemish in particular since there IS a bit of actual yardage there too – you are too harsh, people!

  • This is the urban equivalent of the “snout house”. It’s a middle finger to everyone other resident and pedestrien on that street. People who want their garage to be the most prominent on their house should move somewhere like here:

  • thumbs up. Yeah, the garage is a little bit too predominate. But I like how the facade undulates, instead of just being flat. It makes the property feel larger, and less domineering over the sidewalk and the pedestrian.

    And the porches at the front doors along with the landscaping do make the building a bit more inviting than some of the other properties I’ve seen on PoP.

  • OTBerbur is correct. I stumbled upon an open houseof the unit on the left hand side a few years ago. As I recall, it was housing for some military officers (I think Naval) sometime mid-century. The rehab of the unit on the side was really amazing. Amazing features throuhout and a great master suite and bathroom. I think they even had a huge walk in closet but I could be wrong. I think it was listed for around 1.4 million, but that could be wrong. Anyway, ifone can look past the curb cut and the rest of the imposing exterior, the interior is really nice.

  • Thumbs up! A new paint job would do wonders, though.

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