Is The Gym At The Bottom of 18th Street in AM Closing?

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Just noticed a big sign outside the boxing gym located on 18th Street just north of Florida. Makes me wonder about these tough economic times. Are people canceling their gym memberships as a cost cutting measure?

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  • I noticed that the other day and thought perhaps the landlord is selling the building with the lease.

  • and it’s kind of a jerk move for the landlord to cover up the gym’s sign. Anyway, that location for some reason has had a number of failed businesses including a previous gym called muscle beach that I really liked. Once Results opened down on U street membership there plunged and they soon closed up shop. I was actually surprised to see a new gym open up there several years later.

  • The building itself is for sale.

  • running from creditors is enough of a workout.

  • I never understood while people sign up for gym membership. Most of the exercises you do there you can do at home or outside. Running, biking, push-ups…

  • Thor, by signing up for a membership you feel you are doing something good for yourself, even if you never go. Its similar to buying expensive exercise equipment and never using it. Its an integral part of American consumerism.

  • anyone know whats up with the garage mechanic lot next door. looks like its now just a parking lot for satelite Laurial Plaza parking? seems like that and this gym are prime real estate

  • I totally know what you mean, Thor, but for me, a gym makes sense for three reasons.

    1. Motivation. It may be lame, and I’m not saying it isn’t, but paying a bunch of money MAKES me go, which makes me exercise, which makes me healthier and happier. I struggled with joining a gym for a long time for exactly the reason you give, but when it came down to it, I was sitting on the couch conducting that mental debate, and now I’m off the couch.

    2. Safety. As a woman, I’m wary of exercising when it’s dark out. At the gym, I can exercise just about any time the mood strikes, not just during daylight hours.

    3. Variety. Pretty self-explanatory. If my knee hurts too much to run, I can step, or elliptical, or whatever. I can take classes, I can use machines or free weights, etc.

  • I used to go to that gym (Third Power) but canceled my membership after I changed jobs and houses, all well before the economic nosedive. I’m bummed to hear it’s closing. The folks there were very helpful and the other members were always cool to talk to. You also felt a little bit like Apollo Creed when you were done with your workout.

    RIP, Third Power. We hardly knew thee.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Brucifus, it sound like they’re still open but just the building is for sale. Maybe they’ll be able to continue to stay open with the eventually new landlord?

  • Based on who I know is considering purchasing the buliding, the gym will not be part of it’s future plans.

  • Adams Morgan: please fill us in. Damn, I hope it’s Joe Englert and he has plans for a huge pirate & sideshow themed put-put tiki bar!

  • Thor, somehow I can’t seem to squeeze a pool, sauna and cardio and weight equipment into my house. That’s why I pay for a gym membership.

  • Thor-

    Because I don’t happen to own a 16′ boxing ring, or a place to put it. Knox Fitness (It’s no longer Third Power) has one. In this case it’s very specialized equipment, and a community of like-minded people that make the gym worth it. I pay for the training and the fact that I can on occasion get sparring with guys that I trust.

    I don’t have a ton of insight to add, but do know this. One of the owners, Lawrence, has been working for the LA Boxing franchises which are opening around the area. I’m sure it’s a much steadier paycheck, but it’s too bad because I really like him both as a person and as an instructor. However, if the building parts ways with the business, the decision might just be mutual. I’ll ask next time I see Lawrence and report any findings.

  • The gym is closing on Oct. 9, 2009.

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