I Toured NBC Studios and Solved a Great Mystery

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I guess I should first note how funny the NBC building is up on Nebraska Ave. I think it looks exactly like a high school. And on the inside it even has some pea green tiles to complete the homage. I’m sure it was dope sky in 1957.

But anyway, on to the mystery. So I got to discover something that was way cooler than all the Meet the Press history. I saw the local news studio. And I always wondered what type of chairs the anchors sat on. I was shocked to learn that they sit on pretty crummy stools. Actually stools that, fittingly, look like they were taken from a high school art class. Each anchor has their own stool and they’re all lined up in a row. I, sadly, was unable to find the great Lindsay Czarniak’s but I did find the great Jim Vance’s.



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  • I wonder if there are ever conflicts if stools get switched around. That’s probably the reason they’re marked.

    Jim Vance visited my elementary school when I was in 5th or 6th grade. I wanted his autograph so badly but I was afraid to ask him…finally my teacher took things in her own hands, grabbed me and stopped him before he got in his car to leave, so I could get my autograph. I don’t even know if I managed to squeak out a thank you.

    At that time, that guy seemed like a freakin’ GIANT. I mean, just physically large. That’s probably just a reflection of how little I was.

  • Jim Vance’s stool sample!
    A true brush with greatness!

  • How’d you get to tour the studios? I’ve always wanted to do that.

  • any why were you touring the studio?
    or were you being interviewed? or interviewing?

  • The reason the studios look like a high school is:
    1. The grand expansion of the United States Suburbs took place between 1950-1960.
    2. Spandrel glass was state of the art for municipal buildings during that time period.
    3. TV stations finally got real ad revenue in the 1954 season.

    So the time they got money was the same time the suburbs expanded and the same time artificial building materials were introduced.

    You can see some of this in what I believe is Channel 9’s old studio next to the Whole Foods on Wisco ave and Channel 7’s old studio which is a minor shopping mall on Connecticut Ave around Pier 1 I think.

    Of course when I was a kid the stations were just moving out of their original locations. I really responded to “shout out” to Aqua Spandrelite.

  • This post is useless without Lindsay Czarniak pics 🙂

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