I Like Kim’s Moxie


This is from the bulletin board outside Columbia Heights Coffee on 11th Street. I like the fact that Kim is not limiting herself to only one service. I’m serious. So if anyone needs these services I hope you’ll hook her up.



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  • In formal writing, you are supposed to spell out the “1.”

    This, unfortunately, is the least of her grammar problems.


  • I prefer Maine’s Moxie.
    Mmmmm, burning tires.

  • Now if she can teach my Dog to read and write! Ill pay $20 / hour for that!

  • interesting that she’s charging more for dog-walking than tutoring…

  • @Anon 4:48, was thinking the same thing! But it pretty much sums up DC. People won’t show up to school board meetings, but you just mention the words “dog park” and you’ll get half the neighborhood up in arms one way or the other…

  • Actually, I think the difference in rates makes total sense if you consider that she is aiming at two totally different sets of demographics, and one of the biggest differences between them is actually their socioeconomic status. Those who need the english classes are most likely immigrants and immigrants’ children, who in that area tend to be poorer and therefore cannot pay much for a tutor. On the other side, a dog walker is more of a, hmmm, “luxury” good and those who have pets tend to be those with a better socioeconomic situation and thus can pay and are willing to pay more. Does this make any sense?

  • lol FAIL X2

  • hmm, if she’s not aiming for a total annual salary of about $10,000 she needs to up her rates. Who walks a dog for a whole hour? And she is going to manage to walk dogs and tutor as a full time job? Not likely….

    Anyway, this is probably one of those cases where if you charge a little more people will trust that you’re better at your job.

  • “Who walks a dog for a whole hour?”

    People who care about the health and well-being of the dogs they are walking.

  • anon @8:56 — yes, if it’s your own dog, of course! My point was that I imagine the typical dog walking service is not going to take your dog out for an hour…and picturing Kim getting paid $5 for 30 minutes which seems like a bad way to make a living.

  • “In formal writing, you are supposed to spell out the “1.”

    This, unfortunately, is the least of her grammar problems.


    HAHA you win. this is hilarious.

  • The carryout near me also offers tax services.

  • I’m with Sheepy on the Moxie from Maine…mmm, talk about after taste…but despite it’s grossness, I still want a Moxie t-shirt.

  • FAIL….

    ha! Good point. You have no idea how many of my coworkers write sentences like, “Mr Smith have a problem.” Teach ’em young, and it will stick like a second skin.

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