I Checked Out the New Chicken Place – Kikos


I’m happy to report Kiko’s Chicken, located at 3703 14th Street, NW, has some pretty good chicken! And I’m also happy to report that the store itself looks really nice for a fast food place. It has two levels (see photos after the jump). Also the folks working there were really nice except for one guy who threatened to sue me if I took his picture. But honestly everyone else there was super nice. I had a delicious biscuit, plantains and buffalo wings (and a fountain soda). It was good but all that cost me 10 bucks. So not fast food cheap. But then again the food is of higher quality than fast food. Anyone else check them out yet?


More photos after the jump.

Seating upstairs:




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  • PoP, do you ask people before you take a photo, especially if they’re in the background? Just curious…. I’m imagining something like: “People, I am PoP, and I would like to take your photo. Would you agree?”

    Is that how it goes down?

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Hahaha. Of course when I’m inside somewhere especially a restaurant, I always ask permission. And the manager here was truly delighted that I’d be taking photos which is why I was caught a bit off guard when one of the other workers got so upset. I wasn’t even taking a photo of him anyway, the camera wasn’t even pointed at him. It was the photo of the upstairs.

  • That rotisserie chicken does look yummy.. Have to try it as ap. Heard the fried chicken is not all that…

    I like the fact that its slightly more expensive than a fast food chain – I mean I hope it does indeed translate to a slightly better product as well.

  • I went there tp pick up dinner Mondat night. It was 6 PM and the place was empty. They had about half the sides that were listed on the menu. We got the whole rotisserie chicken with four sides. The chicken itself was well seasoned, but unfortunately very dry. Maybe this was due to the lack of customers…things have a tendancy to dry out when they sit. The mashed potatoes were very good. Corn and green beans were also seasoned well. Rice and beans were adequate. I could have used the biscuit as a dorrstop. A mixed experience, but since it’s only a couple blocks away I’m sure I’ll be giving it another shot.

  • I agree with 14th n’ otis. It was empty when I went there too, around 7 p.m. The manager was very friendly and made sure we we’re comfortable, but the chicken was kinda dry (not X-mas vacation dry, though) and they didn’t have all the sides available. The kid at the register needs a lesson in making change quickly, which will come with practice I hope. Their special sauce was pretty good if you like spicy mayo. Salsa picante was tasty too.

    The best part is to follow up with a Schlits and shot across the street…

  • I tried this place, but I doubt I’ll go back. I have a philosophical objection to places that don’t have a water tap, and will serve only bottled water.

    I’m also doubtful about whether the neighborhood will support such a huge fast food place. What was the rationale behind making the place two stories high? I’m sure their level of business would not be significantly less if they had just gone with the downstairs area, and they’d probably have gotten a break on the rent.

  • My understanding is that the owner of the place also owns/developed the whole building. Not 100% though.

  • Anyone know what their delivery range is?

  • Nope, but I’d suggest you try calling them.. 😉

  • I love the chicken. it’s different from another chicken places.


  • They have online Ordeing http://www.kikoschicken.com.

  • i just wanna know if this restaurant is ur typical pollo a la brasa or just a fake version of it. if it is? then i assume that they should say what kind of style the chicken is.

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