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I was awarded this classic Columbia Heights house a “sweet window” post but I was admiring it this weekend and couldn’t believe I hadn’t given it house of the day honors. Long overdue…

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  • Even more impressive when it is all lit up at night.

  • This looks more like something you’d see in Old Town. I’m not a fan of the windows but I bet it’s nice inside.

  • Sorry to be a downer, but this facade really bothers me.

    None of the windows are similar. There’s a bay window, a three-part window, the dormers, and then that giant single-pane arched window that is completely out of scale to the rest of the building. It looks like you could see everything going on in the whole house through it. They could have at least lined up the sill with the other window on that floor. Or extended it to be part of the door/entry.

  • I live in this neighborhood, and I have to say that I’ve always loved this house! I love walking by. I always notice the copper and the nice window. I think it’s a gem.

  • I like the tiki head with the mirror eyes in the front.

  • agree with not telling. and thank goodness for the redundant house numbers. kind of sets the theme here …

  • More gnomes!

  • Every time I walked by at night I think that huge window is missing a pane. It’s creepily clear.

  • Looks like they changed the facade significantly in order to add those large windows; so please don’t be too harsh on the windows — the owners loved them when they installed them. I think they also own a house next door

  • This was a classic Columbia Heights rowhouse that was butchered by people with no taste. A disaster.

  • Oh lighten up folks. This house is on my block and I love it. The owners keep the house and yard immaculate and even have a sweet mural in the back. It’s weird – I’ll give ya’ll that – but it works for me. I like the disjointedness. I think DC could use more folks who are willing to express themselves with weird light fixtures and lawn statues. I’m sure my opinions are based, in part, on the fact that I chat every now and then with the owner. He and his family have been on the block for decades and they are positive, good people as far as I can tell.

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