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DSCN6906, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I originally took this photo because I thought the sign was ridiculous. Then I realized, dang, that’s a pretty sweet house.


Close ups after the jump.



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  • Great house. And you know, this is the very same house that was used in the movie “The Day the Earth Stood Still” (1951 version). It was Professor Barnhardt’s house – where he was working on some math problem. Klaatu walks in and fixes his math problem, and history is made. This house was on the Dupont Circle House Tour a few years back. I was priviledged to be one of the docents (people who stand in rooms so the visitors steal anything). The owners are good guys, too. They even have the original address board that you see in the movie. It’s not mounted outside though. Rent the original movie. It’s actually much better than the Tom Cruise remake in 2008.

  • Labradoodles for Obama has a website and a blog. I think its pretty funny. What’s wrong with a homeowner casting their vote for First Dog? Its been headlines for weeks. Its all in the name of fun. And most people could use a little fun in their lives these days.

  • Labradoodles are Puh-Unks! Mutts are where its at, you know, a good mixed breed. Not something base like a labradoodle.

  • Apparently they lost their campaign – first dog is a Portuguese Water Dog.

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