Greatest City Sign Evah! (So Good I Couldn’t Wait ‘Till 4 O’Clock)


I laughed so hard when I saw this sign. At first glance, it looks like a normal video conferencing advertisement. But if you look closer the lady on the TV has some serious cleavage going on. HA! It’s phenomenal. And now I know where I’ll be getting my future video conferencing service…


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  • Her eyes are so pretty.. (teehee)

  • I particularly like that the sign says “now you can se hear and talk with your loved ones.”

    I love breasts, and I love my ‘loved ones.’ I dont think I want to love my loved ones breasts.

    (can pick my nose, can pick my friends…)

  • If you’ve ever watched Telemundo or Galavisión, you’d know this is par for the course. Juggsiest broadcasters this side of Fox News.

  • And how does this relate to arctic hvac services?

  • Between telemundo and the disney channel I have not needed commercial pornography in years.

  • I video conference twice a day…

  • “farragutst” I think that we probably need to have a teleconference for you to understand.

    Or perhaps, channel the mindset of a 12-yr-old boy…and cold air’s effects on certain anatomical regions perhaps highlighted by the above….

    /I cannot believe I actually made that connection…I really just wanted to say something off the cuff. damn. I am still a 12-yr-old boy arent i?

  • I was so amazed by the sign that I went into the website:…Not sure if its the same business but their slogan is: Servicing all of you heating and cooling needs in the Wash. DC area.

    I love 14th street!

  • What are the other people doing on the couch? Cmon, take your shirts off!

  • Speaking about 14th Street, and I grew up in this area, back in the day 14th Street was the red light district. So when I read the comment I love 14th Street, I smiled. But I know that was not what was meant by the poster.

  • That’s the stupidest shit I’ve ever seen.

  • My girlfriend and I were strolling on 14th on Sunday and I saw this sign and burst out laughing. It is so unnecessary and random…I love it!

  • Perhaps when searching for images, the graphic artist did a search for “working girl” instead of “professional woman.”

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