Got To Give Props When Props Are Due

king of parallel parking 002, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

A reader sends in a photo of what could be the most impressive parallel parking ever witnessed and documented in PoPville.

The reader writes:

“I watched at least 6 cars try and fail to parallel park here (yes, looking out the window when I should be working.) Finally, possibly the most masterful parking accomplishment of all time. “

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  • Looks like he hit the car behind him.

  • how do they get out? that’s what i’ve always wondered.

  • Serious question, in response to Thor’s comment: What’s wrong with a little bumper kiss while going in or out? I’d never do it if I didn’t have to, but sometimes you have to, and I don’t see any problem with it. When space is tight, it’s often the only way to make it in.

  • Nice work. I pride myself on my parallel parking skills and have managed my way into spots like this before. Just a warning that you can get a ticket for parking too close to the car in front or behind you. I don’t know what the allowed distance is exactly but I got a ticket for parking similarly to the car pictured here… FYI.

  • [§ 2405.2(i)] Vehicle less than 3 feet from another: $20.00 fine

  • The problem with that ordinance is that one never knows who did the parking that brought the cars too close together, unless the officer catches you in the act.

  • THREE feet?!? That’s like an ocean!

  • The are called “bumpers” not “missers”

  • Clearly that law is from the wayback machine.

  • Furthermore, how would such a spacing law be enforced? Shy of parking enforcement officers being on stakeouts in unmarked vans, how would any one know which car is the offender?

    Re: the picture – That is one bad ass park job.

  • A few years ago my car was viciously keyed and a nasty note wedged under my windshield wiper basically saying I am the world’s biggest dickhead because I wedged my car into the spot and left the cars in front of me with no room to get out.

    . . . The only problem was that my car hadn’t been moved from its spot on the street in about a month. it was the cars in front of and behind me that had all wedged ME in!

    There’s no way that law about parking too close to another car is enforceable unless the officer saw you park there. After a while it becomes impossible to tell who (if anyone) is the guilty party.

  • That statute is totally ass-backwards. With parking so tight in DC, you should be fined for leaving so vast a span as 3 feet between your front bumper and the car in front of you.

  • This guy is just asking for a license plate imprint on his bumpers….

  • I agree 2b3s… there was probably a typo when that law was recorded. It should read “vehicle more than 3 feet…” Though really, 18 inches front and back is plenty. I loooove sittin’ on my porch with a beer watching people try to park on the street. Back and forth… oops, on the curb… sorry! was that your bumper? Then they give up after 6 tries, and some more skilled person with 30% more car comes along and does the job in 30 second. Good urban entertainment.

  • Brings up my hate for those people using bumber guards they hand off the ends of their car to rotect them from parallel parkers. If you are so protective over your car, either pay for garage parking or more to the suburbs.

  • @Raymo: Yeah!! Who do those people think they are?? If you come into the city you should expect to have all your possessions vandalized, damaged and robbed!!!! We lived here slightly longer than you and therefore you have no value to us and we have no responsibility to you!!! If you don’t like it go back to your cushy ‘suburbs’, with your ‘safety’ and ‘happiness’ and ‘lower cost of living’ and ‘good schools’ and ‘good neighbors who don’t destroy your stuff’!

    Wait a second, that sounds pretty nice – no wonder why the suburbs have more people then the city…..

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