Good Deal or Not? Smoking Something Seriously Kind Edition


This home is located at 3801 7th Street, NW

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The flier says:

“SEE TO APPRECIATE!! $2K BONUS !! This 4Bedroom, 3.5 baths home features a light filled, spacious open floor plan, 3 finished levels of living space. This home is completely renovated including, plumbing, electrical, new roof, new windows, 2 HVAC systems, stainless appliances. All bathrooms comes with upgradded faucets & MORE. 1 BLK to the metro.”

More info and photos found here.

It seems like a fine house but is it possible one can be completely oblivious to the current market? Asking price is $714,950. That seems high even during the height of the bubble. What do you think this house could realistically go for?

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  • That price is totally insane. Yes, the house is larger than most and on a corner lot, but it’s a corner on a busy street. The renovations look decent but nothing spectacular. My take on Petworth home prices are that shells are in the 200s, fixer uppers in the 300s, renovated houses in the 400s, and you only go over 500K is your house is absolutely pristine and very large. This house is big enough and renovated enough that I think it will probably eventually sell in the low 500s. But $714K is really ridiculous!!

  • Too much. Maybe 500k. The faux stone work on the house looks bad, and the improvements are very basic.

  • I for one LOVE this house. I think that area could support the low-to-mid 600’s but 714,000 is pretty ambitious

  • heheheh. Pop said “kind”. hehehehe

  • $520,000. Pass the bowl.

  • No parking! small 1100 square foot lot. Only two main levels, not three.

  • If someone wants to spend that much, they should come see me 🙂

  • Yeah. Size, lack of off alley parking. Quincy’s a busy street. High $400’s at best. Heck I may go low ball then and see what they say!

  • How you could do a renovation and not remove that awning is beyond me…

  • Ok, its high, the market is down etc. etc., but I get a some of the comments on these “Good deal or not” threads are not that realistic either. After all, its 3.5bathrooms, right next to the metro, actually has some yard space, seems to have a big basement with probably lots of light through the small windows etc. High 400s? Really??

  • waaaaaay too expensive! even at the peak of the market, that pricing is completely out of line for that area. $500k max.

  • I agree that this is way overpriced, and the renovation is a bit shoddy (clearly cheap materials). It’s unbelievable they left up the ugly cladding and awning, as well as the ugly security gate.

    Re: pricing, I’ve lived on Quincy Street for 9 years, and a few years ago, it would have sold for 600k, easily. A house halfway down the block sold for nearly a million – PRE RENOVATION. It’s a bigger house, but not much, and now it’s condos. This area right next to the metro and down near the Old Soldier’s Home has slightly higher home values than other parts of Petworth.

    But to call Quincy Street a busy street is just, well, odd. It’s nearly silent at night, with the exception of an occasional bus, and, more 9 years ago than now, gun shot. I’ve lived here 9 years and one of the things friends from other parts of the city comment on is how quiet it is at night. 7th is a bit busier, but not much. Perhaps I’m comparing this to places I used to live right on Wisconsin and Connecticut, but to me this neighborhood is so nice and still.

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