Good Deal or Not? Reader Request – Mini Rowhome Edition


This home is located at 2245 12th Place, NW:

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The flier says:


More info and a virtual tour found here.

I’m really a big fan of these small little hidden streets. So in addition to the price what do you think about the home itself? Do you dig the exposed brick? The asking price for this 2 bed 1 bath is $479,000. Given the location – reasonable?

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  • Hmm… I think that living room would make me claustrophobic… sitting 2 ft from my TV like that. If the house were just a little bit wider this might be a good deal. But given these cramped quarters, I’d probably just get a condo, since you could probably get something more spacious for the same money.

  • Quincy St Neighbor

    I looked at houses on this street, 12th Pl NW, the same time I looked at my place in Petworth. At the time (2001) they were both priced exactly the same and seems like they continue to be so. The major difference is that I got MUCH MORE HOUSE in Petworth than I could there for the exact same price. The houses on 12th Pl are super teeny, I knew it’d drive me bonkers. You can almost touch the walls if you stretched your arms across!

    I still don’t feel that the location is any better than where I am either.

  • “call tenants b4 show” freaks me out. First, because text-message speak doesn’t belong in real estate listings. Second, because if you actually wanted to live there, you might have to evict them. And while you could (owner occupation is a valid ground for eviction) it would be a headache, and it would make me sad.

    with that said, there are some really nice details, but I would really love a dishwasher and a half-bath.

  • looks lovely to me and the price seems right in line. Yeah, its small. People were smaller back in the day. But thousands of modern people manage to get by. If they didn’t, all this small houses would have been torn down and replaced with larger homes.

    But the skylights in the stairwell are nice, the stainless steel kitchen counters are done well, and the bathroom seems to be recently redone.

  • something funny about having a half a million dollar house and then getting a tube tv that is about half as deep as the house is wide.

    and i LOLed at the caption for the outdated kitchen being “updated kitchen.”

  • I’ve been in one of these tiny houses, and it wouldn’t be worth it to me at any price, much less close to 500k. Location is OK, not great. Renovation is OK, not great. This, to me, is overshooting by at least 20%.

  • I think part of the problem is the “renovation” it must have gone through – most townhouses of this size have a straight staircase alongside the wall, and a closet underneath. Being able to see from the front of the house all the way to the back, though the kitchen, really helps to lose that crowded feeling. The way the stairs jut down at an angle, taking up a bunch of floorspace and adding walls where they do no good really kills the feeling of this one.

  • This is the fifth house that has sold on this block in the past year. One took awhile to sell last fall as it hadn’t been updated (all carpet, old kitchen) and sold close to $400K, it was an estate sale I think. The second was pre-mid-renovation and sold this winter for $339K I believe. The listing had no pictures but stated plumbing and electrical were done. The fourth sold close to $500, but was on the market for some time and had some mark downs. It had just been renovated, the second floor was one big room (plus a bathroom) and then a mini-popup had been added to give a loft. Another just went under contract for $10K cheaper and with a much better design:

    So this price looks like a decent ballpark for comps, but I think closer to $450K given the bad design of the stairs (the one that hadn’t been updated had the same stairs).

    I like the street, it cute, quite and the homes are not intimidating. Close to U street, and there always seems to be parking on Florida.

  • I hate the expression “very unique.”

  • Yeah, “unique” is one of those absolute adjectives like “perfect” or “pregnant.” The house is either unique, or it isn’t – one house can’t be more unique than another.

  • I’ll stay off the hatin’ bandwagon and say that I think this is a nice house for a particular kind of buyer – someone who wants to move up from apartment living but doesn’t want to have to deal with a HUGE house. It reminds me of the small townhomes you see in Old Town Alexandria. I know a couple of people who rented or owned those homes at points in their lives when they were single or a couple sans children – when they were looking for more privacy that apartment living offered but did not want too much house to take care of.

  • Really “curb appeal”?!?!!???

  • I think there are better deals to be had. We paid exactly that asking price for our house on Capitol Hill a year ago, with the following advantages over this house: 400 or so square feet bigger (I’m guessing), nicer kitchen renovation, arguably safer neighborhood, better living room layout and half-bath on the lower level.

    This house would be sweet for one person, if they could swing the finances all by themselves.

  • I’m not too sure about the price, but I think it’s a really cute little house. I don’t want a whole ton of space, and I’d prefer a non-traditional home. So, if I had the bucks and were in the market, I’d probably take a look.

  • I should add that I do think even at $450K it would be overpriced, but then I’ve never seen a home for sale in DC that I didn’t think was overpriced.

  • I can’t believe that no one has mentioned the purple. I mean, I live in a pink house, so I’m certainly not throwing stones – but I’m surprised it’s gone unmentioned.

  • That block really is very cute, and I would have loved to have bought something there seven years ago when they were going for the mid-200s, but $500K is too much for that size.

  • I live on 12th Place, love PoP, and am crestfallen by y’alls negative feedback!

    The houses are tiny (~900 sf) but adorable and cozy – just right for one or two people who want to be within walking distance of the U street action and still have a whole house (no condo fees!) and a bit of outside space. It’s a very friendly block as well, lots of pet owners and even a few new babies.

    Agreed on the stair configuration making a big difference. And granted they are not wide(11 ft – we have to hold hands to touch both walls 🙂 ) but these photos look oddly narrow to me.

  • Nichole — I actually kind of like the purple. Hell, compared to the electric sea blue next door. it screams class.

  • I know this street and it’s a super cute block. I looked in a few houses like this, but also in locations that aren’t as close to restaurants, metro, etc. (this area was too expensive for me). I ended up buying a bigger house in Petworth, but I think these houses would be great for the right person/people — if you want to live in a historic home and have outdoor entertaining space and be able to walk to tons of restaurants, bars, etc. Proximity to metro, downtown, and shopping/restaurants explains the difference in price. I think it’s priced close to right. The renovation is a little 80s but does come with some nice touches – central air, skylights, etc. I think it will sell pretty quickly.

  • I love 12th Place and all the different colored houses.

  • A bit too pricey. More reasonable is $429,000.

  • If you search the real estate sales database on, you can see that the houses in the 2200 block of 12th Place were going for the low 500’s through 2005-2008, climbing there from the 300’s and 400’s in 2001-2005.

    They do seemed to have dropped very recently however, as per the comps mentioned above.

  • Teeny, tiny dollhouse. That being said, the location is phenomenal. I’ve always loved this block, close to the action, but still quiet and residential. No parking though, right? And street parking would be a challenge I’m guessing. 3 yrs ago, this would have seemed like a steal. I would guess it will sell for 10% less? Somewhere around $449k?

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