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This condo is located at 1314 W Street, NW:

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The flier says:

“NEW PRICE on this 1900’s row house, totally gutted and rebuilt into 5 condos. 2floor unit, back of building with 2 balconies, PARKING SPACE in rear, granite, stainless appl. package, flat screened hd tv, washer/dryer stack, kitchen bar with three stools. Access living/kitchen from 3rd fl & bedrooms from top floor or spiral staircase in unit. Condo fee $211 mo includes water. Walk to METRO.”

More info and photos found here.

Well, I definitely think this is a great location. The price was originally $419,900 but has now dropped to $389,900. Does this sound reasonable for a 2 bedroom 1.5 bathroom at this location?

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  • 389K sounds great for a 2/1/1 at that spot, but based the slideshow it looks like about 900 square feet ($433/sqft, so not terrible); I think I had a bigger kitchen in my studio at argonne place. A more honest way to call it might be 1 BR + Den?

  • It is a good deal. Especially with parking included. The negative nancies will disagree though.

  • This is one of the smallest 2Brs I’ve seen. I sort of think even 900 sq ft. may be the realtor’s wishful thinking. I have no idea how you’d get anything up that spiral staircase. But the location is great, condo fee is low, and with a parking spot included, it’s at least getting close to good deal territory.

  • It’s a back of building unit – you’ll become really familiar with that parking spot when looking out your windows.

  • i looked at it yesterday – totally tiny and really not the most functional with the spiral stairs and the split space. not what I’ll be spending my $400k on…

  • I would NEVER buy a unit in a converted rowhouse and warn any others interested. Sound-wise the places just aren’t built for multiple families to live in. Especially with places that have hardwood floors. If you wanna know where your neighbor is at all times, this place may be right up your alley.

  • Personally I’d much rather have this townhouse 2 blocks away for $465:

  • UStDenizen – and others – dumb real estate question: what does it mean when the assessment value is lower than the price?

    I’ve seen a few listings like that – does it depend on when the property was assessed? Just curious…

  • BORING!!!!!!!!!!

  • USt Denizen — I *HEART* 12th Pl NW — great property! Lots of space and you get the WHOLE house plus a great garden for parties in the warm weather… No parking, eh?

  • I think its a good deal, but for any potential buyers, FYI, there will be construction across the street of the New YMCA that will likely be loud for a while, so just FYI.

  • T-I-N-Y – I will take my large-ish Petworth rowhouse any day over this morsel of a condo and just trek the extra 20 minutes to get to this superb location. No need to buy here!

  • We looked at this place recently and found it to be too small for us. We need at least 1050 sf for a two bedroom to be comfortable.

  • Even being on the small side, given its location, the parking space, and the 2 bedrooms, I would be surprised if it sold for much less than 389. Some things just cost money, even if they don’t appeal to PoPers.

    I would be surprised if 900SF was an exaggeration. It looks about right to me. The redfin description also states that it is possible to get to the 3rd floor bedrooms via another staircase, not just the spiral staircase.

    Given the number of rowhouses in this town, i think it would be hard to follow robert o’s advice and never buy in a row house.

    UStreetDenizen’s link looks like a nice house also, except that the ‘living room’ is so small and narrow as to be unworkable. There isn’t even room for a sofa or a tv. More square footage is useless if you can’t do anything with it.

  • Steep, but you’re paying for conveniences. 5 minutes to U Street Metro, Busboys at the end of the block. It’s a heavily trafficked road, so there’s lots of foot traffic. But on the downside, there are lots of MD/VA plates circling the block on Friday/Saturday night looking for parking. Noisy as all hell at 2am when the bars close and the drunks stumble back to their cars.

  • @ Not Telling “Given the number of rowhouses in this town, i think it would be hard to follow robert o’s advice and never buy in a row house. ”

    Robert O wasn’t saying never buy a row house, he said never buy a row house that has been cut up into condo’s. His observation that you would here exactly where the other people are is dead on coming from my experience living in an English basement of a row house. Whenever the landlord or his wife is on the first floor I know exactly where they are.

    From that standpoint I believe Robert O would agree that buying a row house (the entire house) is the ideal, followed by buying a well sound proofed condo (something not easily done on a row house converted to condos).

  • Spot on Tmoney.

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