Good Deal or Not? Pink Renovation Edition


This home is located at 3214 19th Street, NW:

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The flier says:

“Fantastic Renovation. Very large home with 5 bedrooms, 4 1/2 baths. Total of 3050sf, 2250sf above grade and 800 sf below, completely finished. Tax record does not reflect recent additions. Custom kitchen, oak flooring, multi-level deck with master suite private access, professional landscaping, detached garage.”

More info, photos and a virtual tour found here.

This house seems to be a complete renovation. So what do you think of the renovation and what do you think of the price which just squeaks under house porn status (arbitrarily set by me at $1 mil) at $984,500? Now I do think this a super sweet location. And it also seems like a big house with 5 beds and 4.5 baths. But answer me this, if it was a complete renovation – how come they painted the outside pink?

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  • The house looks huge…and has the typical renovated features that look nice enough. However, the paint choice outside is awful, I would hate to live near something like that. Also, why is the middle level left window missing shutters? All in all it seems a bit overpriced to me.

  • It was in pretty sad shape pre-renovation so the improvement is welcome… except for the pink.

  • I think the outside paint color isn’t really a deal breaker for a house. How much does it really cost to repaint the front of a house the colors you want?
    I don’t think its that’s overpriced either, maybe a bit for this economy. Nice neighborhood, huge, nice house. I’d buy it.

  • How much would this house, in this condition, go for on a nice block in the heart of Petworth?

  • Blue: I’d guess 600-650?

  • Blue: This house is a lot larger than the typical Petworth rowhouse, because it has a 3rd level. The typical houses here that have 3BRs (4 if you count the basement) and 1-2 baths would be in the mid 400s for a renovated house. Since this one is a lot larger, maybe 500. It’s VERY rare to see any Petworth houses sell for over $600K.

  • Ha! This house is the same color as mine, except this trim is lighter and pinker (mine’s a darker maroon). There are a lot of houses on the Hill this color; I think it’s a Historic District thing or something because I don’t see it in a lot of other neighborhoods.

  • “Little pink houses, for you and me…” John Mellencamp

  • In this economy, I think 1M is a bit much for anything, but for me this is a very attractive property and a smart (if not oriented to preservation of historic detail) renovation that at least passes my straight-face test. Looks to be a pretty deep fenced backyard. I can forgive the pink (and who knows — it may look good when seen relative to the row of neighboring houses). Were I looking to move a large family in-town (and really rich), I’d find a lot to like about this one.

  • I like the color. And the house doesn’t seem all that overpriced for the size and area.

  • Lots of space, great location, but for that price, I would expect a much nicer renovation job — totally generic in every respect, ugly carpeting, blah floors, don’t like the light fixtures, bathrooms are nothing special, etc. For close to $1,000,000, I’d want a higher end renovation. Otherwise I’d rather buy the house you featured up in 16th street heights, put 100,000 or so in, and still have money left over … compared to that one, this is far less appealing bang for buck …

  • looks really nice. price isn’t outrageous IMO.

  • It looks like a good deal to me.

    I think the renovation of the house is really nicely done and that makes the pink color choice and missing shutter so much more obvious. After all the work put in everywhere else, why not bother with one pair of shutters, and why chose such an emotional color? Its true that pinks are included in paint colors for historic preservation, but historically I don’t think pink was ever used as a predominate color, but rather more as an accent. The effort of putting on a pair of shutters would seem to be cheaper than the money lost in a sale.

    The only other detractor I saw was that the stairs seemed really narrow and steep. Maybe it was just the lighting.

  • its not that much of a stretch. MTP is fast becoming west of the park in its rowhouse demographic if you get my drift. it cant be too much longer before the commericial corridor starts to reflect that and then housing prices there will go higher still. There are a lot of pastel paint jobs in MTP so I guess they were trying to work that angle but it sure wouldnt be my first choice. And as a previous commenter pointed out this is a large back yard by mtp standards.

  • Looks like this place is under contract (check out the link and
    I live close by and we peeked through windows one evening. Wish the renovation had left some more character – but if it was in bad shape, that may have been difficult.
    I can’t imagine they got close to their asking price. I hope they did (so that the place that I bought not too long ago in MtP doesn’t sink in value).

  • Is it just me or do the fireplaces look like those Amish things they sell on the TV.

  • For close to $1,000,000, I’d want the renovation to include a really sweet pop-up. &, I agree with ET, the fireplaces do look like those terrible Amish things sold on TV.

  • Ugh what is with that pink?! Historic, etc, who cares… it’s awful.

  • The color on the bright pink house at 5th and Butternut in Takoma puts this house’s color to shame. In an outrageous way, of course.

  • Why are people saying it’s a great location?? It’s a TERRIBLE location! You’d be a slave to your car all the way over there. I used to live a block east of there, and still felt like I was too far from the metro and any decent bus lines.

    Plus, what a blah renovation. Those “fireplaces” just add insult to injury. Not worth a million, by a long stretch.

    When I was in the market, there was a gorgeous house on Park Road east of 18th, totally restored, with all the original everything, that I just lusted after. It was listed at $850k, or thereabouts. And this was the tippy top of the market, in 2005. Of course it spent all of two weeks on the market, but it was much MUCH nicer than the pink house.

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