Good Deal or Not? No Fracking Pictures Edition


This home is located at 610 Upshur Street, NW:

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The flier says:


More info but no photos here.

I was curious about this house because it is a standalone. But I’m starting to get frustrated with listings that don’t have photos. So let me ask you, should I not post GDoN homes if photos aren’t available?

Well, for the curious, this home is going for $375,000. Do you think there is a premium because it is detached? It says there are 5 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms – does this sound like a reasonable price?

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  • Seems reasonable to me. Perhaps even a bit low. Likely needs some updating and/or has some problematic issues somewhere.

  • Price sounds pretty reasonable as long as there are no structural issues. Based on the exterior shot and the lack of interior photos, I’m guessing that inside it’s probably still 1973, but hey, wall-to-wall shag carpet just protects the beautiful original hardwood floors…

  • Things that make you say ummm…


    Sounds like it’s mid-renovation. Could still be a good deal, nice location. It’s an interesting looking house. Though from google maps it appears to have no yard to speak of. It’s hard to get financing for a house with no kitchen, too.

  • I vote for no GDoN without photos. It just isn’t as much fun otherwise.

  • Looks very very reasonable to me. It would look nice from the outside without those metal awnings.

  • This house is probably twice the size of the typical Petworth rowhouse so probably a very good deal at this price. I’d expect that it needs a lot of work – even though it apparently has had an HVAC update and has central air. What is the BEAT OF THE CITY though? I feel like adding a note to the seller: YOUR AGENT ISN’T HELPING YOU.

    Also is this house owned by the people that own 2 Hummers I always see parked on Upshur?? I think you can see one of them in the Redfin listing.

  • @PetworthRes – I don’t think its as big as you think. Look at the satellite view on google maps. It’s wedge-shaped, the total area is probably about the same as an 18 x 45 rowhouse.

  • I vote for no GDoN exposure for houses without interior pics. As stated earlier, it’s not as much fun, and also not as interesting. And by default, we often just assume that the house has condition issues and requires varying degrees of renovation. Whether it’s a GDoN is even more speculative.

    It would be interesting to look back at past GDoNs, and compare the number of comments received on GDoNs with and without interior pics. I would guess the GDoNs without pics typically generate fewer reader comments (i.e., less reader interest) than those with pics.

  • I’d say in general no pictures should be a strike a against featuring a listing as a GDoN? but I could see an exception if there were something unique about that property that made it stand out and might spark discussion. But definitely agree with DCDave05, without pictures, it’s even more speculative.

  • & following up on DCDave’s idea of looking back to see which listings received the most comments, I think it would be fun at some point to go back and look up, say, the Top 10 Most Commented On GDoNs, and also the Top 10 Most Commented On PoP posts in general (I bet that one about Ruby Tuesday about a month back would make the list)

  • My husband and I have been looking around the area quite a bit… we looked all around this house yesterday, but didn’t go in… looked good, but Jamie was right…there’s zero yard and no parking… we’re looking for one or the other (neither one need to be big, but, we have a dog and a tiny car) so that’s a negative for us…
    Lack of pictures = super yuck.

  • I looked at Google Maps – it looks like the house is shaped like a pie wedge, almost like a regular rowhouse with an added triangle bit, so maybe 1.5x as big. Not nice it has no yard, would seem sad to move to Petworth and not have one – that would be a main reason I moved here, to get one.

    Speaking of GDoN listings with no photos, here’s a foreclosure listing nearby, close to the metro and only $243K. I’m sure it looks like hell inside, but could be a good investment for someone ready for a fixer upper. I actually think people were working on this house for a long time, but must have run out of money before they could finish…and now it’s a foreclosure. It sold in October 2008 for $358K.

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