Good Deal or Not? Colorful Condo Walls Edition


This condo is located at 1020 Fairmont Street, NW:

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The flier says:

“Wonderful top floor renovated 2 BR in smaller building. Great character with high ceilings, gleaming wd flrs, nice wood details, charming bath w/ claw-foot tub and subway tile, spacious kitchen w/ window and open to living room, nice window w/ great light and views, 4 closets, beaut building hallway with original tile, common patio w/ grill. Steps to retail, restaurants, & metro.”

More info and photos (including colorful walls) found here.

This 2 bed 1 bath is going for $359,000. How much of a premium would you give to living on the top floor? And I’m curious what you think of the color choices (I know they can easily be painted over but I’m still curious). If you think the price is not realistic what do you think it’ll go for?

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  • Gonna say too much. A lot of crime goes on in the Girard, Fairmont, Euclid area of Col. Hgts. I think $330.

  • I think the price is pretty realistic.

    The colors aren’t very appealing. I’m not sure if the photos are bad, or if the living room has a faux finish. Those are terrible to try to cover up. The owner could probably increase their offers by paying some painters to come in for a few hundred bucks and paint over all of that.

    The kitchen color isn’t bad. I don’t know what that thing is hanging in the corner or why they didn’t take it down. It definitely makes the room feel smaller.

    I don’t really dig the windows from the kitchen into the living room. Maybe just the orange paint and white trim make them stand out more. I think I’d want to build on them in some way-maybe add some built in bookshelves or something. As it is it make me think someone’s about to shout “ORDER UP!”

    The photos could be done better too. There aren’t photos of every room or the unique features the listing boasts, and they are dark. Use some software to lighten it up! Digital photos are free, I don’t know why sellers or brokers don’t take advantage of them.

  • On a related note, what about the common rule that you should paint everything white when selling your house. Is that still practiced, moreso in a tough market?

  • I used to live in a first floor unit in that building! I believe I’ve actually been to a party in that unit. The color scheme is very nice-looking and a big plus IMHO. On the other hand, beware that there is no in-unit washer/dryer, and the “common laundry room” will devour your quarters at an ungodly pace.

  • I don’t think it’s a terrible deal but for $15k more you can get this place (was also a previous GDON?)

    which is bigger, nicer, & closer to the Metro. Only downside is that it’s on a busy street.

  • I do like the houses on Sherman, but every time I rocket up that road at 60mph in my little car I think “it must suck to live along a speedway.”

  • good deal. buy this at cost, negotitate help with closing costs, and you got a good deal. for sure.

  • The place on Sherman is a much better deal I’d say — totally redone, an extra bathroom, outdoor space, central air I imagine, more spacious, etc. Considering Sherman is slated to (at some point) be redone into a more attractive / pedestrian friendly street, I’d say the place linked to above is worth at least 50k more than this one … possibly more. This one I think needs to come down in price a little.

  • FYI, this is the GDON? thread for the Sherman condo:

    It was listed for $420k back in December, and interestingly, an anonymous wrote “My guess is that if it sells, it sells for about $375,000,” which is what it’s currently listed for, so they may turn out to be right.

    anon 2:14, I would agree and say it’s probably worth $50k more than the Fairmont condo, even if the Sherman streetscaping never gets done, considering all of the interior advantages plus more central CH locations and that it’s just a difference of being *on* Sherman Ave as opposed to *just off* of it.

  • The bathroom reminds me of my old bathroom in Budapest, though presumably this one has heat that you don’t have to light every time you walk in the room. And the toilet seat isn’t made of unvarnished wood.

  • To all the haters of Sherman Ave…

    *From CM Graham’s office, 3/17/09*
    Dear Friends,

    The Sherman Avenue streetscape project will be in the District’s request for federal stimulus spending. There are other contributing funds for Ward 1. But, this project will dramatically improve Sherman Avenue between New Hampshire Avenue and Florida Avenue.

    I worked closely with DDOT to ensure this project will be included for construction in 2010.

    This project will provide much needed improvements, including:

    Pedestrian and traffic safety improvements
    Improved sidewalks
    Dozens of additional street trees
    Enhanced street lighting

    Together, these actions will address safety concerns and turn Sherman Avenue into the pleasant residential we all seek. I pushed for this project to be included today because area residents have waited long enough for such improvements.

    Bests, Councilmember Jim Graham

  • Ironic how any negative opinions of this area are always associated with Anonymous names. POP you need to turn off anonymous comments.

  • The color scheme is a bit intense, particularly given that the rooms normally painted more boldly (namely the kitchen and bathroom) are comparatively bland. That said, the colors themselves are of equal intensity, and look to be equally spaced on the color wheel. . .
    But in this market, I’d say it is a bit X-ey. . .

  • Whoo – hoo! Let’s hear it for Sherman Ave!

  • Not a good deal

    This is an Neighborhood Development Company (NDC) developed condo conversion. Anyone who knows their work in CH also knows that’s a huge red flag.

    In defense of NDC, they definitely didn’t choose that color palate. That’s on the owner. Nothing would motivate me faster to personalize it with some paint than living with those colors for 5 minutes.

    Then again, nothing would motivate me to buy a property developed by NDC, so there you have it

  • I actually think both places are a good deal price-wise. A lot of people wouldn’t want to live on Sherman (though yes it’s a lot nicer than it used to be). I like the Fairmont one – great to be just off 11th St not far from lots of new restaurants. I really don’t like the rainbow color scheme (is this a day care center?) But paint is the easiest thing to fix. I say both are good deals and should sell soon!

  • @anon5:30 – for those of us who don’t know the work of NDC, can you elaborate?

  • Yikes on the colors! Considering the location, the lack of central air, dated bathroom, no washer/dryer in the unit etc. and where is the “great light” … I think $359k is too much

  • I like color, but these colors aren’t very sophisticated to me (and I know that’s entirely subjective.) Without furniture, it looks more like the kinds of colors you’d see in day care center. There are some nice features, though.

  • @14thandColumbia

    Let’s just say there have been issues with NDC conversions in CH. My firsthand knowledge is a little dated, and while it’s possible some of the problems have been remediated, I wouldn’t assume so. Anyone considering buying should have a very thorough home inspection by an independent source (not some guy your agent knows), and they should look at the roof and foundation, as well as as much of the building’s electrical work as possible).

    But with my firsthand knowledge, I personally would look elsewhere (same for any NDC building).

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