Good Deal or Not? Classic Wardman Rowhouse Edition


This house is located at 3822 10th Street, NW:

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The flier says:

“1925 Wardman rowhouse with completely updated systems, original heart of pine hardwood floors. granite counters and slate floors in kitchen and breakfast nook, slate floors continue in basement mudroom and utility room.

What the Owner Loves: 1 1/2 blocks from Metro stop, one block from Safeway supermarket. Clean, safe neighborhood.”

More info and interestingly only photos of the outside found here.

UPDATE:  Interior photos can be seen here.

This is an interesting house it has 3 bedrooms and 3.5 baths but it’s curious that there are not internal photos. But assuming it is updated like it says do you think $595,000 sounds reasonable?

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  • Pine is a softwood, not a hardwood.

    But other than that, there are interior photos through the redfin page. Click on “external link” under the last category of features. It looks like a beautiful home, albeit with a questioable overuse of orange interior paint. But that is an easy thing to address. There is a random sink and cabinet sitting in what appears to be a den on the lower level, which suggests there might be some work still to be done on the house.

    595 might seem a little high, for only 3 bedrooms, but the house looks nice, the property seems to be well done, and it s near public transit. But a little less seems good to me.

  • Assuming the interior is reasobly nicely done, sounds very reasonable to me – nice backyard, deck, fairly decent looking sunroom addition, carage, 3.5bathrooms..

  • I think it looks beautiful on the inside. I even kinda dig the orange.

  • Yep, saw the interior pics now. Absolutely worth the price.

  • Oh wow. I think I’m in love.

  • It’s a very nice renovation, thumbs up. The deck and backyard are all well done. It’s a good location – this house is within a 10 minute walk of downtown Columbia heights as well as a stone’s throw from the Petworth metro. I think this house would sell for about $500K in Petworth proper (east of Georgia Ave). Is being a few blocks closer to Columbia Heights worth an extra $95K in price? I think probably not, but if I had to guess, I’d say it sells for around $550K. I think buying this house would be a great investment as within a couple years it will be super close to a brand new Safeway & other developments on Georgia Ave, yet on a quiet side street.

    Random side note – it looks like this house was renovated to combine the front 2BRs into one large master BR. The 3rd BR is really not a BR (needs a closet); it’s just the enclosed back porch. That may be an issue for some people considering this house.

  • wow, i like what they’ve done with the house. i hope they get their asking price since I own a stone’s throw away.

  • not telling. I wrestled with that one. Pine is a soft wood, however, heart of pine is nearly as hard as oak (1225 vs. 1290 on the floor hardness scale). However, I have not seen heat of pine similar houses. As far as I recall, they have always been red oak. I doubt heart of pine was installed as part of a renovation, as it is uberexpensive these days.

  • even the basement is beautiful!

  • Very nice renovation. I really hope it sells, but I doubt in this market someone is going to spend over half a million dollars for rowhouse in petworth with very limited amenities in the neighborhood. Even with a metro stop close by.

  • saf

    First, it’s not a Wardman. This block (and many of the surrounding blocks) were owned and built by W A Dunnigan, Goerge Santmeyer architect.

    Second, it’s beautiful and well kept and while the flippers who did the original renovation took out the radiators, and I think that sucks, overall, despite some aesthetic choices I would not have made, it is wonderful.

    Third, I am SO sorry to see the owners leave, and I hope that we get clean, friendly, neighborly types moving in there, just like we have there now. They are wonderful people that we will miss a lot.

    RD, where are you? This is my block.

  • I want to live there.

  • It’s really nice. My only concerns are that the bathrooms don’t seem particularly big or updated. Looks like the standard tub, sink, toilet kind of thing (all white), no storage. Where in the master bathroom would anyone put anything? But I guess that’s a small issue. Maybe one could knock down a wall into a walk in closet or something to increase the size of at least the master bath.

  • saf

    PetworthRes – in this block, the front bedroom goes all the way across, then there’s the bathroom, then 2 smaller bedrooms near the back, connected by the enclosed back porch. Also, in this block, the back porch was enclosed by the builder. Mine has a radiator, as I believe most others do.

  • PetRes brings up a good point. although it is probably more like 15 minutes than 10 from the heart of columbia heights, i walk down to giant or target when i need to pick up just a few things. and it is within a 6 minute walk from all the following: red derby, looking glass, sweet mango, eatmore fried chicken, the metro, the new coffee place going in on georgia ave, wendy’s, the new retail going in the park place condos, the new yes organic market, domku, the post office, and the stinky safeway (ok, that one may not be a big selling point). if you are getting a quality house like this for that amount of money in a location with more amenities, please show it to me.

  • saf

    Oh, it’s you! At the corner of Kansas.

    Let me add to what RD says with “and it’s in a great block with mostly good neighbors.”

  • It is a very nice home. I like it.

  • It seems like a pretty good deal for the size and condition. It reminded me of a similar house I found in Brookland (actually they seem almost identical right down to the sitting room/office off the main bedroom) Except the Brookland house is 319k it is here

    I was wondering if anyone could say something about this area/Brookland in general. I’m about to move to DC with my wife and two week old son and this isn’t one of the areas I’m familiar with. Help would be great.

    PoP I know it’s not your area but this house might even be an interesting GDoN.

  • Gorgeous renovation job, and very tastefully decorated to boot. Definitely not overpriced especially compared to some other recent good deal or nots … I agree that this will be a good investment considering proximity to all the metro-centric development as well as the burgeoning 11th street commercial district in C.H.

  • As mentioned before, it’s not a Wardman, but is is also a really nice rehab. I wouldn’t be surprised if it went for the high $400s in this market.

  • saf

    Niko, have you been inside any of these houses? Where do you think we would put a big bathroom? Or a walk in closet? Seriously, these are row houses.

  • Saf – It’s good point, these houses aren’t typically built to accommodate large bathrooms/walk in closets, but it’s certainly possible. I live in a row house as well and and the previous owner turned one floor into a master suite with bathroom and walk-in closet, but that’s probably not the norm. But as I said, it’s definitely possible.

  • Wow – most people wouldn’t spend the money to do nice tile in the laundry room…. Talk about the details.

    I am drooling over this house!

  • bhtphilo- that area is Edgewood/Rhode Island Ave/Brentwood, not Brookland. It’s a very transitional area, but it’s an interesting pocket of the city.

  • bhtphilo: I moved to Petworth last year, but looked at a number of places in Brookland before I found my current place, including one on the block of the place you posted. There are some gems over there.

  • Thanks Darrell, the other question I have is whether it’d be an easy thing to rent a place around there as I plan to return to my native down-underverse in a few years. I imagine the universities might help in with this. I’ve seen some fixer-uppers in Petworth but don’t really want to start this considering the move…thanks again for the comments.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    bhtphilo: Despite the name Prince of Petworth now covers the whole city (with an obvious focus on some neighborhoods over others). I actually have a big focus on Brookland in 2 weeks. Stay tuned!

  • saf, thanks for info. That’s actually the layout of my boyfriend’s house (large BR across front of house), but if you look at the photos they have the enclosed porch listed as the 3rd BR. So maybe they combined the back 2 BRs? Just curious…

    Steve – Heart pine was used in a lot of houses in DC but I think more in earlier houses than later ones. My house has heart pine (1916); a neighbor has heart pine upstairs and oak downstairs (1908). A friend in Shaw has heart pine, too – I think her house is from 1890. Heart pine comes from old-growth southern pines and it was pretty much gone by the 1930s or so and you can’t buy new heart pine anymore. If you need to replace some boards it’s very expensive because you need wood salvaged from other old homes – my friend in Shaw did this and she said it was super pricey.

  • bhtphilo, I’m in Brookland and agree with SG. I wouldn’t really consider that block Brookland, even if it is technically. As you head south and get closer to Rhode Island Ave things get a lot sktechier. Check out crime stats for every house you look at…crime can vary greatly within a neighborhood. Brookland as a whole is a wonderful neighborhood, though. We need more ammenties but it has a great look and feel and is slightly more affordable than Petworth (I think) but it is on the red line (a plus for us).

  • bhtphilo: I would guess that it is easier to rent in Petworth than Brookland based on my offhand guess that more places would be available. If at all possible, do not rent a place unless you have had a chance to spend time in the neighborhood. I’ve spoken to more than one person who rented a place from out-of-town based on the claim that “it’s only X miles from the Capitol.” Big mistake.

    Good luck.

  • PoP I’ll look forward to it, I appreciate being able to get info on DC as well as intelligent comments from your readers. Maybe I’ll suggest a GDoN or two as I feel like I spend all my time looking at realestate. (Boring Job)

  • Thanks for the advice on renting which I may need to do, but I meant it the other way around-me renting it to someone else.

  • saf

    PetworthRes – I think they converted the small room to the second upstairs bathroom. Not certain though.

  • on topic – fantastic house. Maybe an okay price – it’s hard to judge anymore. The sink in the middle of the mudroom baffles me a bit though. Is that designed for a bar? awfully posh for, er, ya know, mud! Am I missing the vision?

  • Well, the renovation looks decent enough.

    But I have to say it’s pretty ironic to sell this as an “Incredible Wardman Style Home” when everything Wardman about it was ripped out and thrown in a dumpster before they started the renovation.

    Really not my thing at all.

  • ok – my brain is mush. Do I know my own email??? sophiagrrl
    I hang my head in shame for littering the comments with OT posts.

  • Does the 2nd bedroom have a window?

  • Great renovation. I always wonder if listing agents EVER want their properties to appear as a GDON and subjected to the finicky commenters on POP, but the nearly uniform praise for this place has answered my question. It’s possible that POP publicity actually can make it easier to sell your house!

  • my ledroit park house was built in 1906 and had heart pine floors covered over with paint and berber carpet and all sorts of crap. we were able to get exactly matching heart pine flooring that had been torn out of other renovations at the Community Forklift in Hyattsville, which is this massive awesome warehouse where all the historic stuff torn out of these houses gets donated so you can come buy it for cheap

    Here’s pictures of the process of pulling out the ugly carpet and repairing the messed up floorboards with wood from Community Forklift – we did it ourselves in about a week

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