Good Deal or Not? Carriage House Edition


This Carriage House is located at 3640 New Hampshire Avenue, NW (in the back):

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The flier says:

“Welcome to The Woodrow, this carriage house is fantastic with two master suites, one with it’s own private balcony. A renovated Carriage house is one of DC’s rare gems and this one is quite a find. Inside you will be welcomed by a distinct balance of trational and contemporary design. This home was created for entertainers, whether cocktail or dinner parties, you and your guests are home.”

More info but sadly no photos found here.

So I went inside and you’ll have to trust me on this, the place is totally redone. In my humble opinion I think it looks really nice. It’s definitely a high end renovation. The flier also says ” 2 Master Suites, Roof Deck, Private Balcony, Fire Place, and Custom Granite Bar.”

I’m also a sucker for carriage houses… But this is on the market for $499,900. Sound reasonable assuming the inside is decked out (and trust me it is)? I’m thinking even though it’s really nice that price is a bit too high for a 2 bedroom.


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  • “… this carriage house is fantastic with two master suites, one with it’s own private balcony”

    I tend to say “pass” on listings by realtors who can’t spell (or use all caps). Then again, I’m not actually looking for a house.

  • No, it’s a shitty deal.

  • saf

    Anon – I saw that too. If you can’t write, you should at least find a decent editor/proof reader!

  • So it’s totally redone and has the same square footage as many rowhouses. So could be ok, but it begs the question, if it costs as much as a regular renovated rowhouse with its own yard, why would you want to live in a home that looks like an outbuilding? If I had $500K to spend, I’d just buy a nice renovated rowhouse in the same area.

    Also, does anyone know what’s going on with the house you can see in the background, the one that faces NH Ave? It was split into condos and I thought those sold a couple of years ago. But it appears to be vacant…

  • The last time this house was on the market I went in for a look. The realtor explained “it’s the ultimate party house.” It’s pretty bad inside, in a cheezy kind of way.

  • I remember when this was on the market before it was flipped. wondering what the flippers bought it for? dont see the previously sold on redfin. Also it says it has a parking space. would that be the wooden shed next door? I do like carraige houses but the house takes up the whole lot so good thing it has a roofdeck. in the end its not for me

  • after the first renovation -years ago, this was on the market for 600k+. a car ran into the back of it last year, so the large back window is now brick apparently. reflipped for 500, if memory servers its a bit small.

  • after the first renovation -years ago, this was on the market for 600k+. a car ran into the back of it last year, so the large back window is now brick apparently. reflipped for 500, if memory servers its a bit small.

  • We looked at this too when it was originally listed (at $649k mind you). Oddly, we were told (at the time) that it had to be sold as a condo unit because of zoning laws. So, technically, it was one unit in the renovated (and cut up) condo/rowhouse in front of it.

    I will say, having been through it, that it is a stunning renovation. No basement and not a lot of storage, but the rooms are beautiful and would be great from someone who entertains a lot.

  • This is a bad deal. Check out 1014 Spring Rd. NW. It is a full sized row house a block away. It is selling for 435K – total renovation, 4 beds, 2.5 bath, separate basement apartment, and 2 parking spots. Too boost it will be much quieter since it is not right on NH ave!

  • Ew. $227 condo fee on top of that. No thanks.

  • I want to see the inside. That looks like it could be a sweet rooftop deck.

  • So wait — what do you get with this? It’s a condo, so not the whole building in the pictures? I can imagine a lot of potential in a place like this, but without pictures, have no idea what to think.

  • Even though it is a separate, stand-alone building, it is still technically a condo.

  • There’s something up with 1014 Spring – this may be the third time I’ve seen that house put up for sale in the past year or two. I have no idea what, as I haven’t been inside, but that house just won’t sell.

    About the carriage house: my husband and I have always thought that it looks like a really cute place, but taht it would make a better coffee shop or small restaurant instead of a house/condo. It just sits so close to the street – and the fact that one car already smashed into the 9th St/Rock Creek Church Rd side of it isn’t all that reassuring!

    [email protected]:56 – it is the whole green building pictured. Because it sits on the same lot as the house/condos facing New Hampshire of which you can see the back in the photos, it’s technically a condo, too.

  • I went to this open house and the one at 1014 spring this weekend, and my feeling is that the carriage house, while a condo, could be better deal (figuring it settles for less that asking) than 1014 spring if one is actually looking for a home.

    1014 seems to be a group home right now and the tenants’ lease is not up until September ’09 – and it will take some major cleaning, remodeling etc after that. the carriage house is brand-spanking new inside, has tons of light and very livable if you don’t mind the lack of yard (for some the roof deck would make up for that).

  • No photos? How is it a condo, wouldn’t that qualify as a single family home or townhouse?

  • the house in front was converted to “condos”, and at least one of them used to be marked “sold.” however, i know that 18 months ago when i was looking for a place, my realtor told me there was a problem with the owner’s condo papers, and none of the units could be sold. i think about 6 months ago, someone knocked out a front window, which was boarded up, and i don’t think anything has been done since. it’s sitting empty.

  • There are a few photos posted now; seems like there should be more of them given how nice it is. I personally find it a bit generic, but I see the appeal.

  • I used to live in 1014 Spring Rd. It was newly rennovated when I moved in a few years ago, so it’s nice enough (new appliances and such). I don’t think I’d ever buy it, though. The kitchen is small (for a house that size) and there’s no “real” master bedroom. Yeah, if you want your master bedroom to be the basement, then that’s fine, but it has absolutely no natural light. The upstairs bedrooms are decent, but the one attached to the bathroom (master?) is small and also has a hallway entrance to the bathroom. Not exactly ideal. The “3 Bedrooms up with sitting room/office” that the listing states is a bit confusing because there are 3 total bedrooms upstairs, one is small enough to be an office and the other is weirdly shaped into almost two narrow rooms w/ no divider.

    re: dreas–don’t think there’s anything “up” with the house. they tried to sell it when I lived there, but I think were just asking too much in an economy that was about to bust.

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