Follow up to Former House of the Day by Nichole


I finally went and visited the lovely residents of the house featured here.

It’s a really great space, and that store front window provides a sort of stage-like space inside the apartment. Perhaps for karaoke parties?

They took me out to their patio to show me their outhouse and great grilling space. You may recall that they said that the building had previously been a German bakery – you can still see the charred wood from where they used fire to bake the bread in the back building (which now serves as the owner’s garage).



Many thanks to Sharyn and Nick for letting me snoop around and share pictures of their very cool apartment with everyone!

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  • The debbie downer in me has to say it: that’s gotta be the most energy-ineffcient house ever.

  • It looks like they got a new curtain for their storefront window which actually looks much better.

    I like the idea (on the other thread I think) about turning that space into a coffee shop type environment. It looks like the table and chairs they have in the window would work like that now almost if they just put coffee and danish on the little table instead of a houseplant.

    I like the place though. Very cool.

  • I love seeing how people repurpose spaces into something else. This is pretty cool. A German bakery though? I think I could really use some Black Forest cake right about now. Yum.

  • wow!!! intriguing living space — nice post and photos. Is the outhouse locked?

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