Filipino-Japanese Market on Wisconsin Avenue in Tenleytown


Folks seemed pretty excited about the Japanese market at 17th and U as well as the Vietnamese market on Park Road so I thought I’d feature another I passed the other day at 4111 Wisconsin Ave (near Tenleytown).

The market features one side for Filipino items and one side for Japanese items. Like the other markets the photos do it the most justice. Following was my favorite item:


Lots more photos after the jump.


Above is Japanese ice cream.


And above is Filipino ice cream.


Above is a Filipino specialty “Sweet Fruit Mix”.


Below is a favorite snack of mine. For real.


I had to try the Sarsi, which is a Filipino soda that tasted a lot like root beer.


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  • Fancy squid! I hate the plain kind.

  • I bet you don’t know, PoP, in what profession you can find tons of Filipinos in this area. They are nannies and housekeepers who get top dollar, as they tend to be English proficient, good with children and gentle. I bet they like the squid (just kidding).

  • PoP – I’m with you on the shrimp flavored chips! I grew up on that stuff (in lieu of potato chips and other junk food) and will stock up when I do come across it.

    Speaking of which…I think it’s time for a field trip 🙂

  • Dear “Toby”: Not all Filipinos are domestic workers!!!! (SIGH) Filipino Americans are also very educated people with professional jobs in every industry. LOL…have you ever been to California?? Your post was a bit ignorant, I’m afraid to say. Did you know that Filipinos make up the second largest Asian group in the United States (after Chinese)? You don’t hear about them much because they are a people that tend to integrate with the community they immigrate to. They don’t have a “FilipinoTown” (like Chinatown/Little Saigon), etc…

  • Nothing against the Asian market, but that space used to house of of my favorite sandwich shops. The name escapes me now, but they made fabulous, giant sandwiches and warm potato salad with bacon it it. Yum.

  • saf

    DC Liz – It was called AKA Frisco’s.

  • The “sweet fruit mix” is to be eaten over shaved ice, in a classic filipino dessert called Halo Halo.

    There is a good filipino restaurant in Gaithersburg called Lumpia, Pansit, adtp that serves an eggplant pork soup that’s OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!

    There’s also a cute little diner called Fairfax Inn in Seven Corner.

    I have no financial disclosure in introducing these restaurants. My eternal question is why are all nifty ethnic restaurants outside of DC? Are District people ethnic restaurant averse so that there’s no business to be had?

  • I think it’s probably cheaper right now to get a space for a restaurant in a strip mall out in the burbs. And at this point there are well-established ethnic neighborhoods in the burbs that are an automatic customer base. DC itself is just not that ethnically diverse.

  • The Embarcadero at Friscos with some of their wicked wolf hot sauce was high dining for me in high school. I think they are open in Fredrick now, at least according to the internets.

  • OMG. I’m beyond excited. I’m half filipino and was raised on shrimp chips and Halo Halo (sweet fruit mix) and I cant ever find a shore that would carry them– Thanks for the insight!

  • Kong Lobo baked potato, no bacon, extra hot sauce for me. Man, I miss Friscos. I feel a little sad every time I go by this place, but I should check it out. Shrimp chips sound great.

  • Dear “COHi09”, You may need to sharpen up your reading comprehension skills before you call me ignorant. The Filipinas I was talking about are here in the DC area, not California, which is not THIS AREA. And just because someone is working as a nanny or housekeeper doesn’t mean they are not educated. Sometimes it’s the only way people can get visas to work in the States. I’ve known teachers, nurses and other medical professionals working as nannies. I had a friend who ran an employemnt agency mostly placing nannies in Potomac and other wealthy areas. The families all preferred Filipinas for the qualities I originally mentioned. Also, as recently profiled in the WaPo, there is a contingent of Filipino teachers working in DC public schools and PG County. I am also gentle and forgiving. Didn’t mean to offend.

  • Cool market! So here’s a question: Is there authentic Japanese food anywhere in the DC area? My boyfriend grew up there, and misses the food dearly.

  • I really like this store. My second bf was Pinoy (he’s still Pinoy, just not my bf, LOL) and I loved the food. Where else can you find frozen ube? There are also some good Pinoy stores in Wheaton.

    The Pinoys and Pinays I have known in DC are artists, accoutants, musicians, retail workers, etc. Most of them grew up in Maryland, which has the highest concentration of Filipinos on the east coast. Not a nanny among them. Toby needs to get out more.

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