Dear PoP – What’s Up With The Construction at Enterprise

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“Dear PoP

Any idea what they’re doing to the Enterprise car rental at Georgia and Girard? I was riding by last night and there was a backhoe that looked like it was tearing up the lot. The building looked intact though.”

Fear not, Enterprise is alive and well on Georgia Ave. It is simply getting some plumbing work redone.

I have to ask – does anyone have a favorite car rental place in DC or just in general?

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  • I’ve actually had really good experiences at the Enterprise out in Silver Spring (the one right by the Metro). They’ve been super nice and helpful the few times I’ve been there, and a couple of times have given me huge deals that were not even advertised. Only sad thing is they’re only open a few hours on Saturday and closed all day Sunday.

  • I bypass renting a car and just use zipcar. Obviously this doesn’t work when traveling far distances, but but anything less than 200 miles or so per day, that’s what i use.

  • I’m a zipster.

  • We use the Enterprise on GA Ave and also the rental place (can’t rememebr the name) on Missouri and GA.

  • I was in there ti renew the rental on our work van, and they are just fixing the plumbing, thats all

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