Dear PoP – What Happened at Irving and 14th Last Night?


“Dear PoP,

Do you know what happened on Irving and 14th Street, just in front of the Columbia Heights Metro around 7:00 pm last night? I didn’t see everything but I pieced it together from the other people standing there and was hoping you might have the full story. I guess a guy was trying to mug an older lady or something and when she didn’t give up her purse, he cold punched her in the face and started to walk away. The mugger took about two steps and then got drilled by some random dude who just laid him out like a linebacker – just form tackled the dude and put him on the ground. The mugger kept yelling and trying to get up, but the dude had the mugger pinned down with his face in the sidewalk, holding him until the cops got there. It was pretty awesome. Anyway, the cops came and took the mugger in. I didn’t stick around to see what else happened. Wondered if you have the rest of the story.”

Sounds like you got the whole story! Wild. I’m just glad they caught the would be mugger. Did anyone else witness this incident?

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  • I am glad that the good people of Colombia Heights are looking out for one another in the face of the crime that still exists in the area. The criminals will continue to try to have their way with the general population, but if this happens a few more times, they may feel the need to migrate someone else. Oh, well that’s assuming these fools think logically…

  • This dude is my new hero. POP, it would be awesome if you have some way to track him down and do an interview / tribute of some kind. Kudos to a good samaritan among us …

  • this is about the most awesome thing ever. well done.

  • I love this guy whoever he is. We just need more of this kind of immediate “you don’t act like that” teaching. Like housetraining a puppy.

  • Will he marry me?

  • a Heroes of Petworth feature?

  • This is an epic mugging style. They like punching the ladies for some reason (especially in the face) Kudos for the guys in the neighborhood looking out. A guy was shot near M St and 9th due to a similar mugging of a woman. He was chasing the mugger in that scene. PLEASE BE CAREFUL.

  • I didn’t witness the accident, but I saw the guy they arrested. He was neatly dressed (wearing a collared shirt and a vest) and it seemed like he was crying/whining. I’m glad I know the origin of the arrest now.

  • Punching old ladies in the face…..God, I hate the animals that make up too large a portion of this city.

    [3….2….1…..until someone writes that it’s awful/racist to call them animals (I have no idea what color the assailant is, BTW), they really just need a hug, etc, etc].

  • i saw a woman lying unconscious on the sidewalk at the corner of U and 7th, 8th or 9th (can’t remember which right now) last night. Their was one guy trying to get her awake and another guy walking quickly away from the situation (going to get help or fleeing?). Does anyone know what happened? I hope she is ok.

  • Anon at 8:47p. I think everyone would agree someone who hits an old lady is an animal. I’m not sure anyone would call that blanket claim “awful” or “racist”. I have no idea why you would assume anyone would call you a racist for that, but the fact that you worried about it…um, methinks you doth protest too much.

    PS – People who hit old ladies are animials…no matter what they look like. I’m glad to hear of another good citizen out there willing to step in. They make up a goodly portion of our city too.

  • AK, read some other posts here about crime and see what happens when the criminals are referred to as animals.

  • saf

    Anon, baiting is ugly. Talk to the issue, rather than to your hobbyhorse, and maybe you’ll get a better reacation.

  • I don’t care where you stand on crime and punishment, call this what it is. It’s an injustice to physically harm someone as defenseless as an old lady. It ranks up there with attacking a child, pregnant woman, or disabled person in terms of moral foulness and is not excused by any circumstances the person might be in.

  • The sad thing is that this guy is probably already back on the street. Thanks Phil Mendelson!

  • Anonymous Says:
    March 31st, 2009 at 8:47 pm
    [3….2….1…..until someone writes that it’s awful/racist to call them animals (I have no idea what color the assailant is, BTW)
    uh huh. You have no idea OR you don’t know? I don’t know. But if I have an idea. And there is nothing inherently racist with that.

    Anonymous Says:

    April 1st, 2009 at 10:22 am
    The sad thing is that this guy is probably already back on the street. Thanks Phil Mendelson!
    No the sad part is that someone birthed this animal and left him on the streets to run wild and prey on people.

  • can we give this guardian angel an award??

  • Standing O-fmlking-VATION for that guy!! Seriously, PoP, try to find him and make your person of the year. That’s a new idea for you too: start having person of the year, like TIME does. You’re big enuff, says me.

    Seriously, if the samaritan gets sued or in any trouble for his intervention, I demand we all band together to pay his fees. And ladies, do show him some love 😉

  • @Pennywise or men, depending on his preferences! 😉

  • hooray! this post has me wishing for some innocent person to get mugged in front of me just so i can kick the ass of the thug doing it! yes to fighting back!

  • To clear everything up, I was one of the two people assaulted. The underage attacker actually punched me in the arm before he punched the woman in the face. We were both walking off of the metro. He was apparently”drunk” and belligerent, according to his friend. He was arrested and charged with four counts of assault.

    Allegedly, the attacker was attacked by another man, which led him on his assault spree. The attacked that attacked me and the other woman was not trying to mug her — it was simply an emotional attack that he was committing against total strangers.

    Again, a big thank you to the guy who tackled him to the ground. Seriously a CH hero!

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