Dear PoP – Property Update at 12th and S Streets, NW


A reader writes:

“I have a question about the “work in progress” on the northeast corner of 12th and S NW. There was a lot of activity rebuilding the house for a period of time but it has not sat abandoned for months. Even the fence has fallen down. What’s going on with this property? It looked like it was close to being finished.”

Sadly, when I went over there this weekend to snap the photos there was not a soul around to ask. From this photo:


It certainly looks like they were going to be condos. And it does look super close to being finished. I wonder if the developer ran out of money. Anyone know the scoop here?

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  • having just bought a pella door i can tell you those windows were not cheap. looked like a very promising renovation, hope it gets done!

  • That’s a significant number of electricity meters (8) for such a small footprint. Plus quite a dumb spot for the meters (seeing as it is covering up a window and who wants to see it when they use the doorknob-less door everyday?

  • Is that a cute little carraige house out back I see?

  • This used to be a church, no?

  • As far as I know, it was a house that had a fire. The owner was rebuilding and this new property is much bigger than the original one. All of a sudden construction stopped but I don’t know why.

    As far as I can tell, that is not a carriage house in the back. It is new construction and is connected to the original house.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    No the church is on the other side of the street.

  • It was a church before the current owners purchased it. A very small church.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Ah cool. Thanks Anon.

  • That’s only a 4 meter box (the openings on the right are for a breaker). That means 3 units and one “house meter” for common elements (exterior lights, stairway lights). If I had to guess, two units in the main structure and one in the carriage house. Not too many for this size building.

  • yes it was a store front church at one time. I got some sweet wooden folding chairs from it when they were cleaning it out in 2001. I almost got a great oak library table but didn’t want to fistfight the person who grabbed it from me when I turned my back.

  • Yeah I’m pretty sure it used to be a church, or at least it used to be a house with a big cross on the side of the building 4 years ago.

  • We live right near this property and have also been wondering what is going on. The renovations have been going on for the last year or so – they stopped several weeks ago, restarted briefly and seem to have been quiet for the last few weeks. It was previously used as a church and the small building at the back was garage of some sort. My husband bumped in to the developer some time after the renovations started. The developer said the house would have around 4 beds and the small building at the back (former garage) was being renovated as separate property 2 or 3 bed property. They have dug down a second floor on the smaller property. We could never quite work out why anyone would buy the smaller property when half of it was underground and there windows looking straight into the alley, but maybe that is why we are not property developers.

  • The row of front windows resemble those of a storefront, do they not? About 20 years ago, if memory serves, there was a convenience store at this corner. Could that be what is indeed being developed: first floor retail with residential units above and in back?

  • My understanding is that the retail was on the opposite corner – which I heard there are or were plans to do something with, but that it may be caught up in permitting.

  • Isn’t this the place where they re-faced the entire place with the old bricks?

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