Dear PoP – Fire at T St. by Howard Theater Tuesday Night?


“Dear PoP

Last night, my roommates and I saw what appeared to be a fire on T Street across from Howard theater. I’m not sure if it was big, but at least three firetrucks and and several police cars responded. Have you heard anything from your readers about it? We were just curious because no one has covered the story this morning.”

Anyone witness or hear anything about this?

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  • Just curious, is this theater still used ever, or is totally abandoned and such?

  • Howard Theatre will be reborn soon enough:
    The economic crisis may slow it down a bit, but they already have a few million to begin renovations.

  • Thanks! Good to know!

  • Hopefully, a new Howard Theater will be better managed than the Lincoln Theater. The last thing the neighborhood needs is another poorly managed money pit that’s barely open AT ALL. Besides the gay film festival and the step shows, what else does the Lincoln show?

  • Monkeyrotica: I believe Carrie Fisher was at the Lincoln. Carrie Fisher, gay film festival, and step shows.

  • When he was on the Lincoln Theater board of directors, Jim Graham had to DRAG them kicking and screaming to accept the G/L Film Fest. Now, it’s one of their most popular shows. They combine the WORST aspects of a nonprofit foundation and a government funded bureacratic nightmare. There’s no motivation to put on profitable shows that the community wants because DC taxpayers will always bail them out when they go in the red. And they’re ALWAYS in the red. I hope the Howard Theater isn’t run by the same inept bunch.

  • In case you don’t attend, this past year’s Reel Affirmations, the GLBT film festival only used the Lincoln for the first four nights rather than the entire 10 day festival. Insiders said it was because of the theatre managment’s unwillingness to work with organizers.

  • It could also have been the marginal (at best) appeal of the event.

  • I live next door. Apparently there was faulty wiring and the landlord was nonresponsive to the tenant’s claims. No one was hurt and the apartment has already been re-leased to a new group of people & the landlord seems to have taken more interest in the property. In other news the car lot at the end of the block no longer exists and we’ve seen recent work on the Howard. DC also has plans to renovate the street and Duke Ellington Plaza this year.

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