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  • I think they look awesome. Many traditional elements of DC architecture have been captured faithfully. These are way better than (for example) the new rowhomes on Monroe between 14th and 13th.

  • Thumbs way up. The best modern “reproduction” of the classic rowhouse that I’ve seen yet. EYA also does a good job with it, but not quite this good.

  • Agreed – these can pass for updated originals at first glance…WAAY better than the ones on Monroe …and bonus points for reproducing the “wide body” row homes instead of the skinny ones…

  • Any idea what the insides will be like?

  • that is really nice. well done.

  • Yes, I’m on board with these as well. Very classy!

  • I concur. These are fantastic.

  • I find them boring, but hope that once landscaping is added I will like them. I guess they just need to look lived in before I’m completely on board.

  • I am so happy with these. In contrast to the maximum height, minimum setback houses that were built on Monroe and Brown, it’s awesome that the developer went with something fitting the character of the existing houses on the street, even if the square footage was less. I think the porch and column proportions are a little odd, but if you look at the houses a little further south on the street, they’re similar. Does anyone know how the plans for these came about — i.e. was there community input, or did Donatelli (right?) just do the right thing?

  • Pleasantly surprised. A very nice look for the block.

  • agreed – they are very nice and will fit in well.

  • Donatelli for Mayor! Seriously, everything this guy seems to do is meticulous. Very nice to see. Actually ends my day on a positive note.

  • Looks cookie cutter.

  • Wow, subtract the dormer windows from those row houses and they’re almost a spitting image of my 1923 house. Nice job.

  • Will add to the thumbs-up chorus. Everything Donatelli does is great, both design and the retail they attract.

  • I like the way these new row houses look. Not bad at all

  • Is there any way to buy one of them, or are they exclusively rentals?

  • Absolutely amazing – I’m especially glad that they have large porches.

    When the original Petworth houses were built, they probably looked pretty boring and “cookie cutter” too – but as time passed the owners painted them and added other personal touches to make their houses stand out.

    I feel a lot better about the future of the neighborhood after seeing these.

  • What is the end unit in the first and last picture going to be used as? condos? offices?

  • Soooo, cookie cutter is ok in the city but not in the suburbs??? Jus say’n…

  • They do look nice. However, just as food for thought – why would you want to create an “outdoor museum”? 😉

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