CVS, You Don’t Have To Try So Hard


Food Shoppe. Really? C’mon CVS, I go to you for shampoo and toothpaste and other sundries. I always go to you for these. I hardly think stocking cans of Hormel chili qualifies you as a “food shoppe”. Just embrace who you are. Does anyone actually shop at CVS for food?

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  • snack food at CVS
    stains your tongue blissfully orange
    shoppe here today

  • I’ve gone there to get milk in a case of extreme urgency when CVS was the only thing open within a block of my house, even closer than the closest 7-11. Does that count?

  • I got a bag of chips there once. And used to get wine, back when I lived in Richmond. When I first moved to DC, I walked around the CVS on U St for at least 10 minutes one night trying to find their wine section.

  • Sometimes they have insane sales on dry/canned goods. Last week I got 3 boxes of cereal (of which one was originally $4.79) for $10 with $5 back. So, I basically got the other two boxes for 10 cents apiece.

    mmmm multigrain Cheerios…

  • I would counter that any time the term “Food Shoppe” is used, it means that craptastic food commodities will be found with in.

  • Although I shop at CVS for the regular sundries, I always laugh because the store appears in the strangest of locations. For example, I know of one CVS that filled in the MacArthur Theater over in Palisades, but kept old-school movie posters and the ticket selling windows as part of their decor. The other strange one I know of is in Bethesda. It took over a Pier-1 Imports type place, and has a grand corner entrance…pillars and all!

  • While I wish I had a real neighborhood market, I do stop at CVS on the way home from work for milk, ice cream and cereal sometimes.

  • One can survive comfortably for some time from the CVS frozen foode section. When one’s live becomes crazy due to long workdays or overly full social calendars, sometimes, one very much appreciates the CVS Foode Shoppe.

  • I actually shop at CVS for food because unfortunately the closest grocery store is Shady Safeway at Petworth Station. The other day I picked up a can of corn to put in my chicken stew I made. Generally, I shop for items that you commonly run out of: bread, milk, oj, cereal, and snack food.

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