Craziest Car Evah!

DSCN7297, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

There are no words to describe how insane this car looks. Therefore I took a thousand pictures of it. I was surprised to find it in Cleveland Park. Must be a crazy uncle or something. Lots of closeups after the jump.







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  • Crazy! I like the model of the Hindenburg on the roof over the driver’s side.

  • There are just no words…

  • Too many jokes . . . head hurts.

    See, now, this guy clearly wants nothing to do with being “green”. The aerodynamics of that car all now just all messed up.

    Though I do love the swim fins as “fins” for the car

    Seems to have an aquatic creature / Aliens / Jurassic Park / King Kong / Godzilla theme going there.

    Next time, ask the guy (we’re assuming it’s a guy), how he washes that damn thing. Because clearly he washes it down pretty well.

  • Awesome. How many first dates have seen that thing and went right back inside? Is that a Vermont license plate?

  • If you love “Art Cars,” be sure to go the annual Baltimore Artscape festival – they usually have a bunch of them on display.

  • Isn’t it also a Mardi Gras sort of thing to “enhance” your car as such.

    Frankly the Alien up top is awesome. I’d love bearing down on a slow interstate mover with that on top!

  • So cool! Future Attorney – a car of that vintage was never green or aerodynamic in the first place.

    I love it! Wonder if they did it all at once or continue to add details? At what point did they conceive of painting it all one metallic color? Because without that it would be so much more tacky. With the paint you can appreciate the form of the objects and their sculptural quality together. I wonder if the artist is always searching for that one last plastic crocodile to complete their vision.

    So so cool.

  • When I lived in Madison WI, guys from the auto body school meticulously carpeted the exteriors of their rusty old cars – imagine a GTO with all details put back in over the carpet…

  • I want my guys to get in a car like that.

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