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“Near the northwest corner of 13th and Irving NW, there’s an air pump coming out of a rowhouse with a sign reading “Free Air for Bicycles”. Thought it was a cool neighborhood find if you haven’t already covered it.

The house is on 13th, next to the church that is located there for sale.”

Very cool. For those that missed it previously, here’s the church for sale.

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  • dammit, i just gave city bikes $35 for a pump…

  • City Bikes also has a ‘free air’ hose coming out of their wall at the end of their bike rack on Euclid St. I don’t know why the term ‘free air’ always makes me laugh a little to myself. Next time it rains I’m going to go outside and put a sign with an arrow pointing up saying ‘free water’ 🙂

  • Daryl, a Burning Man friend, took the time to give back the the community by installing it. Free for everyone.

  • Citybikes is a rip-off. A lot of people respond to that with: ohhhhh but the service is so quality. or….. yeahhh, but their so high quality. whatEVz. rude and overpriced, go to the alternatives, same price or cheaper or less rude.

    i am currently shaping a baby plant to leave in exchange for the free air.

  • That’s where I fill up my tires! I am so appreciative to have a good pump so close to my house. Thanks Daryl!

    Also, I do like City Bikes. Their classes are great – they’re free, and they’ll teach you how to do basic repairs, a lot of the stuff you may be paying for now. I went a couple weeks ago and had a super nice guy teach me how to fix a flat, so I won’t be paying $20 a pop anymore. Give their classes a chance.

  • That is very cool…but is anyone else worried that the hole is much larger than the hose, and this wonderful person will be rewarded with a nice, big, critter finding its way into the house? No good deed goes unpunished, and all that?

    I hope not…

  • I’m not sure I understand the City Bikes hating. I am sure there are cheaper places, like in Arlington, but you pay for convenience and it’s well worth it. Even though I’ve never bought a bike from them, they have always provided me with excellent and reasonable service. I’ve dropped in there with no appointment on several occasions and they’ve been able to make adjustments on the spot.

    They once dealt with a fork replacement for a bike that was no longer under warranty even though I didn’t buy it from them. Contacted the manufacturer, convinced them the problem was a manufacturing defect, and did the replacement. I paid only for labor which was 35 bucks. They could very well have told me to call the mfg. myself and deal with it, this wasn’t their problem, and they had no money to make here. They get a lot of props for that.

  • Anyone know if there’s a presta valve attachment on this?

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