Cleveland Park Getting Its Groove Back


In October I wondered what happened to Cleveland Park after spotting a Halloween store where Blockbuster once stood. Things started to look up in November when I saw a running store and frozen yogurt spot open up. Well, the old Blockbuster spot looks like its found a permanent replacement – a wine shop. According to the license it will be called Weygandt Wines located at 3519 Connecticut Ave.

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  • Wheeww, I was getting worried there.

  • Man we must drink a lot of wine in this city, lots of new businesses are wine oriented.

  • i’m with WIA – i’m basically freaking out about whether the good people of Cleveland Park will make it through the recession intact!!

  • Sorry to be such a scold, but please fix the headline: its has no apostrophe here, as it’s the possessive form.

  • Don’t forget, DcDireWolf, that wine is constant proof that God loves us and loves to see us happy … alcohol is, after all, one of the few recession-proof businesses … and I’d rather wine then the other ones (Wallmart and fast food) …

  • Ahh the poor folk of Cleveland Park, hit by the recession. My heart bleeds. Whatever will you do? 😉

  • I was told, but cannot confirm, that the one person stopping all kinds of cool places from opening was new Cleveland Park resident Laurie Collins. Can anyone confirm this rumor?

    Apparently she knows all the right buttons to push with the DC government to hurt businesses and residents alike.

  • All of the Cleveland Park retail closures predate the recession by 1-2 years. People, nice try, but just not the case.

  • saf

    Neener – Nah. It’s overpricing by the landlords and NIMBY activism in general, not a single person.

  • I don’t think the folks in Cleveland Park are in dire straits.

  • That shopping center hit the skids in a big way about 2 years ago, losing the Blockbuster, Whatsa Bagel, and a couple other places in pretty quick succession (the Thai restaurant also changed ownership, but kept the format, so it was less noticeable). The block right below the Park and Shop also has a ton of empty storefronts, including the former McDonald’s space, which is going on (wait for it)… *5* years of vacancy this summer. The Radio Shack, the Ritz Camera, and some bar closed, as well. Apparently, the rents are extremely high, and any new food establishment needs some sort of zoning overlay exemption, and all of that is combining to drive away any new business. Don’t mock Cleeps, though; there are plenty of middle-class renters there (myself formerly included), it’s accessible from Mt.P/C-Heights via the H buses, and the development is concentrated around the Metro, which means it can serve as a destination, not just for the area residents. DC is a better place by having more thriving commercial districts.

  • I miss the Kenny Rogers Roasters. That, and the old original Roma. That was some tasty pizza.

  • Shoot, I miss the old Blockbusters and certainly the What’s a Bagel.

  • Cleveland Park Liquors less than a block away is something of an institution in that neighborhood – great selection and excellent service. Seems like a gamble putting up a new wine-only shop so close.

    My prediction: new wine shop offers all the bells and whistles, but never develops a solid enough customer base to stay afloat. Basically, the exact same fate that the wine shop next to Metro Liquors on Columbia Rd suffered recently. Then again, I have been wrong before.

  • Something like Best Cellars proabbly wouldn’t do bad. It’s also going to be right next to the (nasty) McGruders, so that will bring in people shopping for dinner. Best Cellars was nice to live near in Dupont, b/c I always knew I’d get something good, even if the selection wasn’t that broad. The other shop near best cellers on CT and Q, which has a great selection, I wouldn’t go to because of the one blonde jerkwad who works there. His attitude was never welcoming. It was demeaning.

  • neener: Laurie Collins is almost single-handedly responsible for keeping Mt. Pleasant Street a third world slum, but I believe she just lives in Cleveland Park, where she has far less clout.

  • Thanks. It was a Mt Pleasant resident who told me that she was on the bankroll of some NIMBYs who paid her to make things go their way.

  • I’m with Jimmy D. Another liquor store is not necessary with Cleveland Park liquors right there.

  • Jimmy D is right. Cleveland Park liquors has good selection and good prices (especially compared to the everything behind bullet-proof glass places in CH & Petworth) and the wine guru there gives great recommendations and is extremely knowledgeable.

  • what kinds of places did laurie collins ruin for Cleveland Park? I only know of the places that she ruined for MTP. such as the wine bar that is now going to open on 11th. I know she had to leave MTP cause I believe her husband divorced her crazy as and got a restraining order. Now a Cleveland Park resident she continues to keep MTP down but it would not surprise me at all if she is doing her best to fuck up cleveland park as well. those damn irish bars and their music!!!

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