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  • Lived near this place for 6 months before going inside. Big mistake, it is awesome.

  • I walk past that place everyday to and from work. I should peek inside.

  • Yes. Huge fan. Awesome store. Really great selection of cheese from Latin and South America. Ladies: be forewarned, sometimes they will want to hold on to your bag until you are done shopping. It’s totally cool, and they won’t mess with anything.

  • Thanks for the tip on this place, I go by it fairly often and always thought it was just another liquor store with chips and such.

  • I kinda want a t-shirt of that logo.

  • Just moved from 10th Street behind this market to Columbia Heights… while I love it up here, I miss the Capitol Supermarket (excuse me, ahem, the FAMOUS Capitol Supermarket). It was such a treat to skip the lines at the Giant and grab what I needed for dinner there. Some of the produce is great while some leaves a lot to be desired. But their selection of chorizo/latin cheeses/etc. is phenomenal.

  • Avoid payday when some of the cat callers come calling. The loiterers have kept me from exploring further…

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