Capturing City Signs Before They Vanish Forever


Thanks to a reader for a heads up on this one:

“I think you might have featured this particular sign before, but a raze permit has been applied for for the building, so I thought you might want to re-feature the Georgetown Silversmith & Plating sign on the building at 2335 Champlain St., NW in Adams Morgan (across the street from the alley entrance to the parking garage under the Lofts). They are razing this cool old building (just the small one) to build what will surely be dubbed “luxury” apartments.”


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  • Excellent idea.

  • Wait- they’re raising those cool old buildings? I figured whoever built there would at least have to incorporate the old facades. I wonder if the ANC & preservationist dropped the ball on this one…

  • * I meant “razing” not raising

  • SG: They are razing the small one to the left. The area is not a historic district and it’s a “matter of right” project so the developer can knock it down at will. The plans from the original developer did include the smaller plating building as well, but there is new ownership and new plans for the property.

  • i can’t believe they can raze that cool, old building on the left – a shame!

  • Do you think the owners would sell me the sign? Seems so cool, I would hate for it to be lost…

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